Food Wars Season 5: Renewal Status And Release Date

Food Wars Season 5: Renewal Status And Release Date

We return to Totsuki Academy for this fifth season, following Soma as he tries to become one of the greatest chefs in recent memory. Is this the final season?

Anime about food always has a ready audience, especially among those of us who enjoy having some delights while watching our TV. Food Wars is one of those series that has become a beloved favorite, even though it might not have appealed to us the first time we saw it. As the manga drew to a close last year, the anime is likely to continue the current release schedule along the same arc as the manga story. The popularity of the anime series endures, and a lot of fans are wondering what's in store for them when Food Wars: The Fifth Plate drops later this year. Will there be more juicy morsels for us to consume, or will it leave us feeling unfulfilled and a little guilty to be binging on all those empty carbs?

How We Got Here

Characters of Food Wars

Drawn initially by Yuto Tsukuda for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in the year 2012, the series found popularity with readers and was eventually crafted into an Anime. The first season's reviews were so spectacular that we find ourselves at the end of the fourth season, getting ready for season 5. The anime follows a young chef, Soma Yukihira, who intends to become a good enough cook to take over the family restaurant from his dad. However, as soon as Soma graduates middle school, his dad shuts down the restaurant and advises him to enroll in an elite cooking school named Totsuki Academy. Soma is notably disturbed, as he knows that only about 1% of the kids enrolled at the school graduate. With each season, we see Soma faced with more difficult decisions and the question of whether he'll be among the 1% that graduate remains.

What Will Be The Plot Of Food Wars Season 5

"Food Fights"

Firstly, we're expecting a much longer season than the last one. Twelve episodes are only an appetizer, and the information coming out from the production studio suggests this season is more of an entree. More reports suggest that two significant arcs from the manga are going to be adapted for TV, namely the BLUE arc and the Beach Exam arc. However, there's scarce information as to whether the studio will adopt the whole arc or pieces of it to ensure the season doesn't run too long. While the anime followed the manga for a while, there were notable skips for readers of the manga. Additionally, since last season had an ending that was almost (but not entirely) unique, there's a thought that this season might offer a brand-new finish for the close of the manga if it goes that far.

Of course, all of us manga readers, are looking for an original ending here, especially since a lot of us were unhappy with how the manga closed the series off. The BLUE arc especially has taken a beating from manga readers and critics alike, citing poor writing and flow. Whether they rectify this will only be apparent when we get a glimpse of what they're doing with this arc on the screen. The fourth season stopped at a convenient spot. Based on the flow of the manga, we'll likely see it resume about four months down the road as things start to heat up like your auntie's Cajun Jambalaya. The new season will see Soma face off against a teacher at the Totsuki Academy, and will also witness their performance in a high-stakes world youth cooking competition called BLUE (Bishoku Leading Under-35 Entrance). If you're not a manga reader, then you'll be excited to see how this cooks off!

When Does it Come Out?

The studio has announced that we're likely to be served Food Wars: The Fifth Plate sometime in April 2020.

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