‘Food Wars’ Season 4 : Here's Everything We Know So Far

‘Food Wars’ Season 4 : Here's Everything We Know So Far

The show revolves around Yukihira Soma, who is a middle-school student. Soma wants to master the culinary skills of his father.

Fans want to know when can they see the fourth season of 'Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma' ever since the Third Plate season concluded in 2018. Understanding the desperation of seeing their favorite characters back for the fourth time, here is everything we know about the fourth installment. 

When Can We Expect ‘Food Wars’ Season 4 To Come?

According to a recent announcement, Food Wars! Season 4 is going to be the final season of the Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma anime adaptation. Weekly Shonen Jump declared that the Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma manga will be ending on June 17, 2019. Having said that, it means that there are only three manga chapters left to go before the entire story is finished with Food Wars! Chapter 316. The last anime season was left off with Chapter 217 that leaves 99 chapters for Food Wars! Season 4. 


It is believed that the Food Wars! Season 4 will be maintaining the same pace as the previous ones, where the 12 episodes of Season 3 Part 2 adapted about half of the 92 chapters that consisted the Promotion Exams manga story arc, which ends with Chapter 263.  If the fourth installment follows the same pace, then the manga's ending will have a two-cour season with 24 episodes. Another thing that could happen is the fact that the fourth installment could also adapt only the current story arc, which means the final season would be Food Wars! Season 5.


Therefore, it is possible that the fans get to know about the release date by the end of June 2019. We can get some hint about the fourth season of the anime adaptation alongside the release of the final manga. Writer Yuto Tsukuda and illustrator Shun Saeki have been working on the Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma manga since 2012 and Volume 35 released on June 3, 2019. It is believed that Volume 36 will be the end of the manga. Going with a recent report, the final volume of Food Wars will be out in the early days of October. Also, the fact that there is not a considerable distance between the anime and the manga, we can expect it to come out at the same point later this year.

What Is The Plot Of The Show?


The show revolves around Yukihira Soma, who is a middle-school student. Soma wants to master the culinary skills of his father. However, his father takes a decision of going to Europe to improve his culinary skills. Before he was leaving, Soma's father decided to enroll Soma into an elite school which is not easy. The graduation rate of the academy is just 10 percent. This clearly means that Soma will have to work hard and defeat any other chef that stands his way to make sure that he graduates from the elite cooking school. 

What Can We Expect In ‘Food Wars’ Season 4?


It is definite that in the fourth installment, Soma will continue to face and fight one challenge after another. He will surely make an improvement in his skills and will win a few challenges, and will lose a few. The fourth season will be more intense and there is no way fans want it to be any other way. We can also expect some new characters in the fourth installment. 

Here's Soma's impeccable cooking skill!


Do Fans Like The Show?

Quite a lot, actually.










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