First Reviews Of 'Birds Of Prey' Are In. Here's What Critics Think

First Reviews Of 'Birds Of Prey' Are In. Here's What Critics Think

Birds of Prey is here and the reviews are coming in.

Being a Superhero or Supervillain movie is hard work. Critics dissect every little part and if there isn't perfection then it is trashed. So the new DC film "Birds Of Prey" is under a hard microscope. 

The reviews are in and surprisingly, the reviews are quite positive with most of the critics raving about how good it is, comparing it even to Deadpool. Some are even saying that it's the best film in the DCEU.


Obviously not all the reviews are rave reviews with some showing mixed feelings but the consensus is clear.

The Cast

Birds Of Prey

The critics are speaking highly of the cast with Courtney Howard of Fresh Fiction tweeting:


But which of the women killed it the most? Well, you would think Margot Robbie but according to Angie Han of Mashable Elizabeth Winstead's Huntress "is the not-so-secret MVP."


But Kristen Lopez of Fansided begs to differ, tweeting that Jurnee Smollett-Bell stole the show:


Yolanda Machado of The Wrap took a different approach, praising every woman in the cast and their performance.


But, the women weren't the only ones who crushed their roles. According to critics, the villainous Black played by Mask Ewan McGregor could be the best villain in the DCEU. Griffin Schiller of The Playlist praised McGregor tweeting:


Veteran film critic Katie Walsh chimed in calling McGregor the best supporting actor:


The Fighting

Birds Of Prey

Every good superhero or supervillain film must do their fight scenes right. What do the critics think of the fighting?

IGN's Rosie Knight thinks Birds Of Prey did a great job


Rosie's colleague Laura Prudom shared the same sentiment tweeting:


CinemaBlend's Sean O'Connell chimed in, tweeting:


IGN's Terri Schwartz added that he loved the fact that there was so much action in the film tweeting:


The Bad

Birds Of Prey

Okay, not many critics spoke ill of the film but we tried to find some. Germain Lussier of io9 tweeted:


There was also a bit of negativity in CinemaBlend's Eric Eisenberg's review. He tweeted:


Mashable's Alison Foreman tweeted about the film's pacing:



Final Consensus

Birds Of Prey

I think Discussing Film's Ben Rolph summed it up perfectly with this tweet:


It's rare to see a DC film get so many positive reviews so it must be good!

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