'Fear Street Part 3: 1666' Ending Explained: The Truth Behind Sarah Fier's Curse

'Fear Street Part 3: 1666' Ending Explained: The Truth Behind Sarah Fier's Curse

The legend had it all wrong.

The last film in the 'Fear Street' trilogy is here, and the mystery is finally solved.

Gather everything you've learned regarding Sarah Fier's curse from the first two films, and get ready to toss them all out the window because the legend has got it all wrong!

Let's get back to the key events of 'Fear Street Part 3: 1666' and watch the big picture unfold as we lay down the final piece of the puzzle.

Is Sarah Fier And Deena Connected?

'Fear Street Part 3: 1666' Plot Synopsis and Ending Explained

The beginning of the third installment of the 'Fear Street' trilogy immediately brings us back to 1666 through Deena's vision.

Sarah Fier and her brother Henry (Benjamin Flores Jr.) lived with their widowed father in the early settlement, called the Union, which was later split into Shadyside and Sunnyvale. Sarah has a natural gift for healing and animals. She rescued a mother pig in labor and managed to save all the piglets. Sarah is also very kind towards Solomon Goode (Ashley Zukerman), who turns out to be Sheriff Nick Goode's ancestor. Sarah's father wanted her to marry Solomon, but she isn't interested because her heart now belongs to someone else - a girl named Hannah.


The Truth Behind Sarah Fier's Curse

During a full moon, while the Shadysiders are celebrating, Solomon broke into the home of Widow Mary (Jordana Spiro, who played the mother of Ruby Lane in the other two movies) and stole the Devil's book of spells. Solomon then made a pact with the Devil in exchange for prosperity. All he had to do was say a name of a "single soul" every few years. The names of these offerings get carved on the wall under a tunnel in Solomon's house. They then get possessed by the evil spirit and are turned into mindless killers so the Devil can feed on the blood of their victims.

The first offering was Pastor Miller, who killed and gouged the eyes of 12 innocent children, including Sarah's brother. The gruesome mass murder had all the villagers freaking out. They immediately concluded that witchcraft is behind the murders. Rumors of Sarah and Hannah's relationship surfaced, and they were accused of laying with the Devil and bringing the curse upon the land.

They captured Hannah while Sarah Fier tried to flee. She went into the widow's house in the woods. She discovered that the widow was brutally murdered, and the book of spells is gone. Sarah went to Solomon's house, asking for help. But while she was there, she discovered Solomon's big secret. She found the tunnel underneath Solomon's house and knew he was the one who stole the book of spells and made the deal with the devil. Disgusted and angry, Sarah tried to flee, but Solomon caught her and cut her hand in the process. When she finally found her way up in the ground, Solomon caught up with her and turned her over to the Union folk.

Sarah and Hannah are about to get hanged as witches, but Sarah decides to save the love of her life. She confessed to being a witch and claimed she bewitched the Pastor.

Before Solomon hangs Sarah to death, she told him:

"The truth will come out... The truth shall be your curse. It will follow you for eternity. I will shadow you forever. I will show them what you've done. I will never let you go."

Sarah Fier

Who Moved Sarah Fier's Body?

After Sarah died, her friends moved her body from under the hanging tree and wrote the sign "the witch lives forever" so that nobody would know where she is. Hannah put her flower crown on Sarah's head before they buried her dead body. This explains the red moss or flower that grows on top of Sarah Fier's grave. The red moss also grows in the bathroom at Camp Nightwing, where Sarah's hand was buried in the tunnel underneath. 

All these times, we thought that the bleeding causes the possessions that turn the people into mindless killers. However, we found out that this is her only way of telling people what truly happened in 1666. 

Sheriff Goode

'Fear Street 1994: Part 2': The Curse Finally Ends

The movie then jumps back to 1994 (Fear Street 1994: Part 2). Deena was at Sarah's grave, and Sheriff Nick Goode arrives. Deena tells Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr) everything she saw in her vision, and they steal Nick's police car to escape.

Nick has been carrying the deal with the Devil that Solomon started in 1666, just like the rest of Nick's ancestors. The deal made him a Sheriff, his brother a mayor and granted the rest of his family all their desires. As a result of these deals, the lives of the residents of Sunnyvale get "better and better," while Shadyside falls darker and darker into the abyss.

The immortal killers were chasing Deena, Sam, and Ziggy because they knew about the Goodes secret, and they were preventing them from revealing it. But since it was Deena who knew the full story, all the killers started going after her.

Deena and Josh went back to Ziggy's house and told her everything. They figured out that the only way to end the curse is to kill Nick. The three devised a plan and met up with Shadyside Mall janitor Martin (Darrell Britt-Gibson).

They plan to lure the killers into Shadyside Mall, trap them inside, and smear Deena's blood into Nick so the killers would attack him. 

Of course, things went awry. Deena ends up chasing after Nick in the tunnels. This is the same tunnel that is connected to Solomon's house, the tunnel that Cindy and Alice got trapped in Camp Nightwing in 1978, the tunnel that Sarah tried to escape in 1666.

Josh, Ziggy, and Martin faced the undead killers in the mall. Nick stabs Deena, but she is wearing body armor made of books. Deena puts Nick's hands on a mound of Devil's organ, which has been growing since the pact started. Nick saw all the horrors that resulted from the pact, all the murders, and all the bloodshed. This caught Nick off-guard, giving Deena enough time to stab him in the eye, killing him, and ending the curse once and for all. Sam is freed from the clutches of the devil. They emerged into Nick Goode's house in Sunnyvale and saw a car getting hit by a truck. Now that the Devil's pact is gone, Sunnyvale started going into a darker side. Nick was branded as a serial killer. 

Meanwhile, Ziggy goes to Nurse Lane (Ruby Lane's mother) and returns the diary stolen in 1978. Josh finally meets the girl he has been talking to while Deena and Sam create a memorial for Sarah in the woods, carving the words "the first Shadysider" on a piece of stone. 

A Grave Mistake

Everything was finally okay, but we sense it won't be for long. Sam and Deena made a huge mistake when they left the book of spells lying in the tunnel. During the credit scene, we see someone sneak into the tunnel and grab the book. It looks like it won't be long before another deal with the devil gets made again. Will there be more 'Fear Street' films in the future? We don't have answers for now, but this ending could perfectly set up a new film in the future.

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