The Fantastic Four And X-Men Are Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe Next Week.

The Fantastic Four And X-Men Are Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe Next Week.

It's official. The Disney/Fox merger will be completed next week and the Fantastic Four and X-Men will finally arrive home.

The Disney/Fox merger has been a long time in the making and for months we've been waiting for official news. Well, the news is finally here 

According to a new media release by Disney, the merger will be completed at 12:02 am ET on Wednesday, March 20th. The Fox shareholders were given till 5pm ET this Thursday to elect the form of consideration they’d like to receive. Fox is expected to distribute these holdings at 8 am ET on Tuesday, March 19th. Once this occurs the deal will be 24 hours away from finalizing.

Disney/Fox merger

The historic deal will see massive Marvel franchises X-Men and the Fantastic Four join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This will give Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios full power over the films and the ability to reboot and recast as he wishes. 

Fantastic Four and X-Men

Hopefully Marvel Studios can fix the mess that Fox made with the Fantastic Four movies. And, well, let's hope that they don't ruin the good work Fox did with the X-Men and Deadpool. 

There's word that Marvel Studios plans to introduce their new additions at the end of Avengers: Endgame. If this is the case then I reckon they must be waiting for the deal to complete to release the new trailer for Avengers: Endgame. It all makes sense now.

The introduction of the Fantastic Four and X-Men will surely be welcomed by Marvel fans given that the Avengers will be breaking up soon. With no Captain America or Iron Man the MCU needs to find a new group of heroes to carry the mantle. I can't wait to see how Marvel Studios deals with their new properties.

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