Fans Want Wonder Woman To Be Bisexual In The Upcoming Sequel

Fans Want Wonder Woman To Be Bisexual In The Upcoming Sequel

Many are supporting the idea of making Wonder Woman bisexual and among those include Gal Gadot and long time writer of the Wonder Woman comics, Greg Rucka.

The Wonder Woman film was a massive box office hit earning as much as $821 million.There is no doubt that the people loved the film and because of this a number of sequels are in the works. But the fans have some demands.

A petition was started to make Wonder Woman bisexual and it has gained quite a lot of traction since its inception with 12,000 supporters.

Wonder Woman

Here’s an excerpt from the petition:

The Wonder Woman franchise is the embodiment of strength and resilience in a genre that places women as the sidekick more often than the hero. The bar is already so low when it comes to celebrating women and LGBTQ characters in a positive way, and I am tired of grasping at straws in an effort to see myself represented.

All I ask is that Warner Bros. directly acknowledge Diana Prince for who she is, who she has always been (regardless of her current love interest), and what her character could potentially represent for millions of people.

This doesn't mean that Warner Bros. will make Wonder Woman bisexual. But this does make them consider it. 

If you actually think about it, making Wonder Woman bisexual makes sense. Diana Prince grew up only seeing some of the most beautiful, shapely and toughest women in the world. If I was a woman I'd be bisexual too.

Gal Gadot has spoken about the idea of making her character bisexual in the past and she fully supports it. In an interview with Variety about the comments made by longtime writer of the Wonder Woman comics, Greg Rucka, who recently stated that the character is bisexual, Gal Gadot said: “It’s not something we’ve explored. It never came to the table, but when you talk theoretically about all the women on Themyscira and how many years she was there, then what he said makes sense.”

Wonder Woman

“In this movie she does not experience any bisexual relationships,” she said. “But it’s not about that. She’s a woman who loves people for who they are. She can be bisexual. She loves people for their hearts.”

I personally think Warner Bros. will play it safe given that this is among their most valuable franchises. So I wouldn't expect to see Gal Gadot making out with any women anytime soon. 

Do you think Wonder Woman should be made bisexual?  Let me know on Facebook.

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