'Stranger Things' Fan Theory Suggests That Eddie Could Possibly Be A Survivor Of The Hawkins Lab Massacre

Fans believe he is actually Number 10 from Hawkins Lab, the same place Eleven or Jane is from.

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The fourth season of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix on May 27, 2022. The season is not complete yet, with only the first Volume out. A lot has happened so far in the seven episodes and with two more to go, there is so much more left to happen. The month-long wait has allowed fans to ponder over the events and come up with theories of what to expect on July 1.

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One character everyone has absolutely adored this season is Eddie Munson. Fans are hoping that everyone's new favorite character does not get killed off for one reason or the other in the last two episodes. The eccentric leader of the Hellfire Club made his first appearance in the fourth season and made quite the impression. There is now a fan theory online that suggests the possibility that Eddie is not just an ordinary guy. They believe he is actually Number 10 from Hawkins Lab, the same place Eleven or Jane is from. We briefly meet Number 10 in the fourth season and then it is unclear what happens to him. (Spoiler alert!)

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In the series, we first meet Number 10 as Papa or Brenner runs experiments on him. Then we see the fatal blast that knocks them both unconscious. What we don't see is 10 actually die like the other kids in the Hawkins Lab massacre, with their eyes melted and their bodies twisted in different ways. So there is a possibility that 10 is not actually dead and has managed to assimilate into society. But things get more intriguing.

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There is a scene in the forest where Eddie is trying to sell drugs to Chrissy. She tells him that she was unable to recognize him because he looked different when they first met. He says that he had a buzz cut back then. While it could not mean anything, nothing can be overlooked in the show because having a buzz cut is significant in the Stragner Things world. In terms of the passage of time from the massacre to the current time in Hawkins, the age checks out as well. But a huge piece of evidence would be the tattoo on his arm. We already know Eddie has tattoos and the particular point where he would have the number is covered by a watch band, which is probably why no one has spotted it so far.

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We already know that Eddie does not have parents and lives with his uncle in a trailer. Eddie also took the news of a girl with superpowers pretty calmly and almost did not seem phased by it. Maybe he is hiding his true identity or maybe he has blocked his past out as El had. While it's a great theory, many others do not think Eddie is 10. For one, in the scene where the room was blasted in, Brenner clutches a lifeless body. There is also a scene where he does take his watch off but the camera does not show his wrist so we don't know if a number is there.


But the most striking difference between 10 and Eddie is their eye color. Eddie has brown eyes while 10 had blue eyes. We will only know if this theory is canon when we see the rest of the show.