'Family Guy' Season 20: Everything We Know So Far

'Family Guy' Season 20: Everything We Know So Far

The Griffins are coming back with another season filled with crazy antics and surreal dark humor.

'Family Guy' season 19 has recently concluded, and fans are now wondering if the animated series will be coming back for more.

'Family Guy' is Fox's big-budgeted animated series that follows the lives of the Griffins and the residents of Quahog.

The long-running animated comedy series currently has 369 episodes in total. The episode finale aired on May 16 and introduced a new Mayor for Quahog.

The series continues to draw a huge fan base from all around the world due to its witty dialogues, hilarious scenarios, political and social satires, and an overall rude but good feel.

So will the show return for more? Here's what we know.

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Will There Be 'Family Guy' Season 20?

Renewal Status: Renewed

Time to sing the show's official theme song! The long-running animated television show is coming back for the 20th season!

The show was renewed by Fox for season 20 back in 2020 as part of a two-seasons renewal.

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When Will 'Family Guy' Season 20 Release?

Fox is yet to announce the release date, but we could make an educated guess based on the previous season's premiere schedules.

Fox usually releases new seasons of their animated comedies in September. We don't see any possible hindrance that might delay that schedule this year despite the Covid-19 situation. Animated series did not suffer as much as live-action shows during the pandemic. 

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What Is The Plot Of 'Family Guy' Season 20?

The entire show centers around the Griffins and the residents of the fictional city of Quahog in Rhode Island. Each episode is extremely different from the last, which makes it impossible to predict what exactly is going to happen. The show does not follow a logical narrative between episodes, except for the time when Brian died in Season 12. Most of the characters can come back unscathed despite their constant run-in with death.

Nonetheless, fans can expect to see the similar comic energy that made the show very successful. There will be a lot of cutaways and insane moments filled with pop culture references and so much more. 

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'Family Guy' Season 20 Cast: Who Are In It?

The show's highly paid voice cast is coming back for season 20. Seth MacFarlane will voice three characters: the dimwitted Peter Griffin (patriarch of the Griffin family), Stewie (Griffin's extremely genius but megalomaniac baby who's obsessed with killing Lois), and Brian (the talking family dog pet who is also a frustrated writer).

Mila Kunis will voice the family doormat and underappreciated daughter, Meg.

Seth Green will voice Chris Griffin, the family's awkward and overweight teenage son.

Alex Borstein will voice Lois, the housewife and matriarch of the Griffins.

Unfortunately, we will be saying goodbye to some of the cast for the new season.

Back in September 2020, Mike Henry announced he is stepping down as the voice of Cleveland Brown, stating that "persons of color should play characters of color."


Cleveland is one of Peter's best friends and is one of the few Black characters of the show.

He was replaced by comic Arif Zahir in season 19. Henry still managed to record a few episodes for season 19. Cleaveland's character will be voiced entirely by Zahir in the new season.

Don't worry because Henry still has a lot of characters to give life to in the new season. Henry also voices several supporting characters in 'Family Guy,' like John Herbert “The Pervert,” Bruce, and Consuela. 

Adam West, the actor who voiced a version of himself as Quahog's unlikely mayor since the beginning of the show, had died on June 10, 2018. His character was killed off in Season 17, but the show continued to tackle his death until season 19.

In season 19, 'Family Guy' introduced viewers to Wild. He is West's brother and is voiced by Sam Elliot. Wild ran as mayor and won the election, replacing his brother in the position. We are not sure yet if Elliott will be back to play Wild, but since he is the new mayor, there's a high chance that we will see him in season 20, too.

Are you also a big 'Family Guy' fan? Are you excited to see the show's return for the 20th season? Who is your favorite 'Family Guy' character? Tell us in the comments. 


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