Experts Explain Why Millennials And Gen Z Seem To Be Aging So Differently

Finally, a discussion in which Millennials are winning

Millenials and Gen Z seem to be aging differently

Experts claim there are several reasons why Gen Z seem to be aging more quickly than Millennials.

As an example, 37-year-old Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan, who gained notoriety for playing a literal teenager in the comedy series Derry Girls.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the cast of this year's Love Island, where the majority of the competitors are in their early 20s, despite the fact that many people online mistake them for being much older.

So why, in comparison to older Millennials, are Gen Z aging like milk?

Experts say there could be a number of causes for it.

Nicola Coughlan (37)
Nicola Coughlan (37)

Although Gen Z, who are typically between the ages of 12 and 27, is not the only age group who profit from cosmetic surgery, the availability of small cosmetic treatments, or "tweakments," has increased dramatically in recent years.

Dermatologist Courtney Rubin told Huffpost, "I'm seeing many clients start getting filler in their 20s, which didn't used to be the case."

"Filler works great as a way to replace volume that has been lost over time, as a restorative treatment, but when you are in your 20s, you haven’t lost any volume yet."

She continued by saying that younger individuals are also utilizing filler to alter their looks rather than renew them, which can occasionally result with a distorted appearance.

Cosmetic surgery in young people
Cosmetic surgery in young people

Buccal-fat reduction, or the removal of fat from the lower check, is becoming more and more popular since it can give you really sharp cheekbones. But buccal fat naturally diminishes with age, so getting it removed will just accelerate the aging process.

"When we are making major changes to facial features, there is an increased risk of something not looking quite right." she stated.

Vaping can make you look older.

Recent research has also connected Gen Z's increased use of vaping to an additional risk factor for early aging.

In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Dr. Bav Shergill of the British Association of Dermatologists revealed that smoking has a significant role in reducing the softness of your skin.

"The active ingredient, nicotine, has been linked to a variety of skin issues. It is linked to outbreaks, psoriasis, and acne." stated Dr. Shergill.

Older generations have undoubtedly been smoking cigarettes for decades to get their nicotine fix, but that shouldn't be a justification for continuing to vape.

GP Asiya Maula went on to say that the heat produced by vaping can also dehydrate the skin, which can hasten the aging process.

Stress may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering factors that contribute to early aging, but it may be one of the causes of Gen Z's premature aging.

Socil media consumption might be one of the main causes of stress for young people
Socil media consumption might be one of the main causes of stress for Gen Z

User Jordan Howlett said in a recently famous TikTok video that stress was making him appear older than he actually was.

In the video, he said, "Millennials look way younger for their age while Gen Z looks way older for their age." He also mentioned that his mother is frequently confused for his younger sister."

As it happens, Dr. Suzanne Ferree, a senior physician at Vine Medical Associates in Atlanta, told The Daily Mail that Gen Z has likely been exposed to social media since a very young age, supporting Howlett's theory that stress causes us to age.

"There's the big comparison, I don't see the stress of comparing yourself to everybody else where."

Dr. Ferree continued by stating that the "breakdown of things," such as collagen in the face, can be attributed to the hormone cortisol, which is released in response to stress.

Overall, things don't seem bright for Gen Z.