When Will iZombie Season 5 Premiere On Netflix In The US, UK, And Other Regions?

When Will iZombie Season 5 Premiere On Netflix In The US, UK, And Other Regions?

iZombie has returned to the CW Network for its fifth and final season and the fans are already wondering when it will air on Netflix?

The CW Network released iZombie season 5 on Thursday, May 2, and alongside it was announced that the fifth season will be its final series. But while the show returned, the show's release on Netflix completely depends on which region you stay in. Here is everything you need to know about the fifth and final season of iZombie and when it will arrive on Netflix. 

What can be expected from iZombie season 5?


iZombie is an American TV series that is loosely inspired by a comic book of the same name. The series made its debut on the CW Network back in 2015 and since then has developed an extremely dedicated fan base. The fifth and final season will see a recently single Liv chasing after Chase Grave who had her boyfriend Levon executed by guillotine. 

When will iZombie season 5 release On US Netflix?


People staying in the United States will be covered under the contract by the CW and Netflix that happened in 2016 and it brings new shows to Netflix a week after they finish airing. That continues in 2019 with the current lineup. The final season of iZombie will begin airing from May 2, 2019, and will wrap up with the finale during the end of July 2019. Hence, the show will be available sometime around late July or early August 2019.

When will iZombie season 5 release on UK Netflix?


For the fans of the series who are living in the UK and Canada, the new episodes of iZombie will be released along with other shows such as  'Riverdale' and 'Jane the Virgin'.

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