Lucifer Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Lucifer Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

The fifth season of Lucifer is one of the most highly anticipated ones and sadly, it is also going to be the last. And here is everything else you need to know.

Without a doubt, 'Lucifer' is one of the most popular shows around right now. A few months back, it was announced that 'Lucifer' will come back for a fifth season but it will also be the final one. The fourth season of 'Lucifer' released in 2019 and had a total of 10 episodes that kept the fans on their toes all time long. But, even though the fifth season is going to be the final one, there is still so much more we are getting that we ever thought was possible. 'Lucifer' is also the latest show that had been revived by Netflix as it was picked up by the streaming giant after FOX canceled the show. After it was revived by Netflix, the show became even more popular. It has been said that the US version of Netflix hadn't streamed Lucifer at all and therefore, it was believed that the ratings of the show in some specific regions that fall under Netflix international is what convinced the streaming giant to give the show a new lease of life. Now, all the aired seasons of Lucifer are available on Netflix and they were added from the beginning of this year. The fourth season of Netflix premiered only on Netflix all over the world on  May 8th, 2019. 


After the fourth season dropped, the popularity of the show has grown immensely. In fact, it was binged-watched by so many people that it broke the binge report of TV Line as it outperformed HBO’s Game of Thrones after breaking their all-time record. Regarding the show, Netflix released a statement that read, "We’re thrilled that Lucifer fans around the world have embraced this series on Netflix, and we can’t wait to give them the big finish they’ve all been waiting for." The executive producers of the show, Ildy Modrovich, and Joe Henderson added saying, "We are so incredibly thankful to Netflix for resurrecting our show last season, and now let us finish the story of Lucifer on our terms. Most importantly, we want to thank the fans for their incredible passion and support. The best is yet to come!!” Here is everything that you need to know about the fifth and final season of Lucifer. 

What is the renewal status for Lucifer?


Netflix renewed 'Lucifer' for a fifth and final season and the official announcement was made on May 7, 2019. In a statement given to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix said, "We are thrilled that Lucifer fans around the world have embraced this series on Netflix, and we can’t wait to give them the big finish they’ve all been waiting for.”

Has Lucifer Season 5 gone into production?



It was announced back in June 2019 that the fifth season of Lucifer will start its production in July 2019. On July 12, 2019, the first photo of the entire team in the writer's room was posted on Twitter. Additionally, it was also revealed that the first scene of season 5 has already been written and finalized. Richard Speight, Jr. will come back as the director of season 5. In September 2019, Netflix announced the filming of season 5 has already started. 

What do we know about the episodes of the fifth season of 'Lucifer'?


At the end of September 2019, the title of the first episode of season 5 was revealed. Since then, a lot of details have been released and we have compiled it in one place exclusively for our readers. The first episode is titled “Really Sad Devil Guy”. It is written by Jason Ning and directed by Eagle Egilsson. The second season is titled "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!”. It is written by Ildy Modrovich and the directions are handled by Sherwin Shilati. The third episode is said to be titled “!Diablo!”. The episode is written by Mike Coats and directed by Claudia Yarny. The fourth episode is titled “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken” and it will be directed by Viet Nguyen. The fifth episode's title reads “Detective Amenadiel” and it will be directed by Sam Hill. 

What is the plot of Lucifer Season 5?


The finale of the fourth season saw Lucifer and Chloe finally admitting their feelings for each other but Lucifer is heartbroken and decides to leave her. Lucifer returns to Hell in order to stop the apocalypse coming to Earth and destroying everything. In an interview with TVLine, showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich said, "We both know how season 5 will begin literally since we started season 4. We also have one other, really fun toy to play with, that we know is going to be a big guiding factor in season 5, so we’re excited about that, too.” 

Lucifer Season 5 Cast


The core cast for the final season will consist of Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Rachael Harris, D.B. Woodside, Aimee Garcia, Kevin Alejandro, and Lesley-Ann Brandt. During a Lucifer fan convention, Ellis said, "I can categorically say that I will never have another experience like this. When they call cut on the last day, it’s going to be a lot to take in." 

When is the release date of the fifth season?


No release date for the fifth season has been officially announced yet, but if it follows the same route as season 4, then we can expect the fifth season to drop sometime around early 2020. 

Is there a trailer for the fifth season?

No official trailer for the show has been released as of now.

How did the fans react to the fourth season?


The fourth season of the show was given a new lease of life by Netflix after it was canceled by FOX. Without a doubt, it turned out to be delightful news for the fans of the show as the ratings for each episode were as high as 9.5 to 9.9. The main reason for such soaring success is because the number of episodes was reduced and the showrunners were granted complete freedom by Netflix. From what we have gathered, the fans would be very soon greeted by the blooper reels from the fourth season. 

When will the first half of season 5 of Lucifer release on Netflix?


It has been confirmed that the fifth season has gone into production in full swing, the expected release date of the show is early 2020. The first of season 5 will arrive in 2020 and the fans can expect the second half of season 5 to drop around the end of 2020. 

Why is Lucifer not being renewed for a sixth season?


When Netflix announced that Lucifer is being renewed for a fifth season, they also revealed that it is going to be the final one too. Naturally, a lot of fans have been asking the question of why. The primary reason why the show is coming to an end is that the entire cast and crew feel that the story is now coming to an end. The fans took the news hard and they ended up petitioning for the sixth season. Joe Henderson clarified the situation saying, "Honestly, we’re telling our ending with season 5. We love all the support, but right now, I’d say time is better spent getting ready for a fitting ending to our characters’ journeys.” Additionally, Ildy Modrovich released a statement that gives further light to the situation. You can read it right above. 

What is some other news we know about Lucifer?



The latest cast member for Lucifer's fifth season was announced and it is none other than Matthew Bohrer. The talented actor has previously starred in Amazon's Goliath, General Hospital, Masters of Sex, and Blockbuster. Apart from that, it was also revealed that Brianne Davis will also join the season 5 cast as Detective Dancer.

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