All Upcoming Movies and TV Shows Starring Drew Barrymore

All Upcoming Movies and TV Shows Starring Drew Barrymore

Here are all the upcoming projects by Drew Barrymore!

Drew Barrymore is a true Hollywood veteran who got her first big crack at the big screen as a child actress for her role in E.T.the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) and has gone on to star in a series of well-renowned films like Screen, Charlie's Angels, 50 First Dates, Manlove, and many more. Her contribution to the entertainment industry has allowed her to secure numerous accolades including a Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA nomination.
She even starred in a series of projects under the production company Flower Films, which EECO owns along with Nancy Juvonen as well as launched a line of cosmetics under the Flower banner like eyewear, perfume, and makeup.
She recently starred in a horror-comedy Netflix series 'Santa Clarita Diet' that ran between February 3, 2017, up until its cancellation on April 26, 2019. But that's not the end of her movie or television career. It's far from it in fact. We've prepared a list of some of Barrymore's most anticipated movie and television projects here in this article that we are sure her fans are eager to set their eyes on.

1.  The Stand-In

Release Date: Possibly 2020

Just Jared

Drew Barrymore is set to double-star in and produce the upcoming romantic comedy movie 'The Stand-In' through her own production company, Flower Films.
The story of the film is centered around a disgruntled comedy actress who trades places with her look-alike stand-in in one of those "switching lives with another just to see what it's like" kind of stories. The only problem here is that the aforementioned actress is completely down on her luck, convicted on tax evasion and is forced to do community service so she uses her lovable stand-in to fill in for her instead.
Eventually, things take a turn for the worse as the stand-in adapts to the stressful demands of the actress's demanding life of fame and soon takes over the latter's career, identity, as well as her boyfriend. It even comes to the point where the stand-in kicks the actress out of her own home. What the rest of the movie is going to be like is a mystery as of this writing. And that's why we can't wait to see the rest of it till it drops sometime supposedly in 2020.
Other stars in the film include Charlie Barnett, Michael Zegen, TJ Miller, Holland Taylor, and Ellie Kemper.

2.  Surrender Dorothy

Release Date: Unknown


‘Surrender Dorothy’ is a film that has been in development since 1999 and was announced as a sequel to the original Wizard Of Oz in 2002. According to a 2002 report from Entertainment Weekly, the producer of the film at the time Robert Kosberg had a different take on how the 1939 film ended for the sequel by saying:
“What if the Witch didn’t die? What if it was all an act? And now it’s the year 2000 and the Wicked Witch is still alive and well and mean and green and she’s broken out of Oz Jail and she’s on her way to New York to get those damn red slippers once and for all.”
This would’ve been the second film that Barrymore would’ve directed following her debut with ‘With It’. as of now, it is unknown whether Barrymore is still working on the film to this day or whether it will never see the light of day until someone else decides to take the reins.

3.  Unknown CBS Daytime Talk Show

Release Date: Possibly 2020

Drew Barrymore

Description: Here is Drew Berrymore getting ready to shed some of her bountiful energy and passion for daytime television.
Back on October 10 of this year, Variety had reported that Drew Barrymore hosting a syndicated daytime talk show for CBS Television Distribution with a projected launch in the fall of 2020. A pilot for the show was shot dating back in August as Variety had reported exclusively and was received so strongly that it obviously demanded a bigger follow-up.
Barrymore spoke regarding this news:
“It is beyond my wildest dreams to have this opportunity for a daily talk show. I’m truly thrilled and honored to be creating this show with CBS.”
Steve LoCascio, the chief financial and operating officer of CBS Global Distribution Group, broke the news about the shelving picked up for the network. LoCascio commended Barrymore being a huge star and that her presence can energize the lineup of any station. He and Barrymore are looking forward to working with the president of CBS Television Stations and Peter Dunn looking forward to the show’s premiere in the fall of 2020.

4.  The Au Pairs

Release Date: TBA

Another Drew Barrymore fiilm that was announced to be adapted into a movie back in 2006 and has disappeared into oblivion since then for all we know. During the year of the announcement, Warner Bros. bought the rights of the film to the young adult book series "The Au Pairs" authored by Melissa de la Cruz in which the first tome was penciled in for adaption and production from Barrymore's production house Flower Film.
The film revolves around three teenage girls who learn how males live when they take up summer jobs as au pairs for the wealthy family known as the Hamptons. Besides this tiny little premise, nothing much about the film has been reported ever since and whether or not Barrymore will ever go back to it is a story for another day for who knows when.

5.  The End

Release Date: TBA

At this point, this entire article may as well be about Drew Barrymore's long-forgotten titles that may or may not be filmed on camera, much less be shown in cinemas. Warner Bros. "The End" was set to be an end of the world drama film which focuses on several storylines where the characters try to reconcile their lives on what is supposedly the last day on earth.
Some of the storylines for this film include a father in Tokyo who tries to get through widespread chaos to reach his wife and child, a teenage couple and the baby in the American Midwest who get separated in multiple paths to their families and a 60s London radio personality who goes on broadcasting till there's nothing left.

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