Every League Of Legends Champion Who Appears In The Netflix Show 'Arcane'

Every League Of Legends Champion Who Appears In The Netflix Show 'Arcane'

Set in the same universe as the renowned League of Legends, regular players may have easily spotted the champions from the game.

Netflix's Arcane: League of Legends has become the streaming site's most-watched show. Set in the utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun, the show follows the origins of two sisters who become iconic League champions. It is set in the same universe as the renowned League of Legends, and regular players of the game may have had their fair share of Pointing Leonardo DiCaprio meme moments throughout the show.

So here's a list of all the League of Legends champions who appear in Arcane, as well as the episode they appear in. So far, there have been two Acts with three episodes each, with a total of six episodes. The next Act is set to release on Saturday, November 20, 2021, at 12 AM PT.


Act 1 Episode 1: Welcome to the Playground

Vi and Jinx

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They are the two protagonists of the show who appear first. Vi or Violet takes on the role of the elder sister as she and her sister, Powder, which was the name Jinx went by as a child, try to survive in Zaun. They essentially grow up on the streets as criminals and then get adopted by Vander, who becomes a father figure to the children. Their rough childhood makes them the tough women they grow up to be.


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Ekko is the powerful time manipulator in the video game, but when it comes to the show, he is another kid on the streets of Zaun. He is a prodigy, already with a head full of white hair, and working in Benzo's shop. He is a vital character in Act 1 but is hardly seen in the second Act, where he becomes the leader of the Firelights group.


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He is a balding alchemist who appears to be working on a potion that enhances the strength, size, and fury of those injected. He appears only at the end of the first episode. In the game, he is of unmatched intellect and has devoted his life to pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

Act 1 Episode 2: Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved


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In the second episode, we finally meet Caitlyn. We see the Caitlyn, and Vi arc develop over the course of the show. They are paired as a couple with a romantic interest in the game. She joins Vi on an investigation, with both of them heading to Zaun. She has a more powerful presence in the second Act.


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We meet Jayce at the start of the second episode when Vi and Powder rob him. In the game, he is a brilliant inventor who has pledged his life to the defense of Piltover. In the show, we see him struggling to prove himself as a worthy inventor. He is a man of progress even in his early days and has a vital role in the series. 


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This sorcerer from the game has a very brief appearance in the series. But he has a very important role as the one who saves Jayce and his mother in the past. His face is not shown initially, but this comes to light later.


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He is the revered but eccentric Yordle scientist, Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger. He is the Dean of the Piltover Academy. He is revealed to be over 800 years old in Arcane and is still the short inventor who is barely knee-high. Even though Heimerdinger opposes the use of Arcane technology based on his previous experience, he is shut down by the city's council.


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He is referred to as "The Machine Herald" in the game, and "an idealist who seeks to lift the people of Zaun to a new level of understanding, he believes that only by embracing a glorious evolution of technology can humanity's full potential be realized." We see a younger Viktor working with the Dean of the academy who takes Jayce under his wings.

Act 2 Episode 5: Everybody Wants To Be My Enemy


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In the game, Kindred represents the twin essences of death—Lamb and Wolf. They are shown as human entities in the show, and their appearance can be called more of a cameo than an actual role. They appear to be relaxing together when Caitlyn and Vi enter the undercity's brothel.

Act 2 Episode 6: When These Walls Come Tumbling Down


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Teemo does not exactly appear or even make a cameo in the show. A brief reference is made to the Yordle in the sixth episode, when mentioned in a children's book, describing how elusive and deadly the creature can be.

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