'Eternals' Ending Explained

'Eternals' Ending Explained

A much, much, bigger war is brewing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There are plenty of things going on on Marvel's 'Eternals,' and we can't blame you if you have a few questions left up in the air after the film ended.

Directed by ChloƩ Zhao, 'Eternals' introduces us to immortals tasked by Celestials (basically like gods themselves) to take care of the human race. But what the Eternals find out is that the Celestials are not as loving as they pretend to be.

The Eternals try their best to stop the birth of a new Celestial, which will destroy the Earth. To put it simply, just imagine the planet as a massive egg.

So, did the Eternals succeed? Here is a complete breakdown of everything that happened in 'Eternals.' 


'Eternals' Synopsis and Ending Explained

Ten immortals get tasked to protect the human race from sinister species called Deviants. The 'Prime Celestial' Arishem, the creator of life, the universe, and everything in it, employs the help of the immortals to protect his vulnerable creation.

However, the Celestials have hidden motives. Instead of helping humans for the greater good, the Celestials are using them to farm energy. A Celestial has been planted and growing within Earth's core. Once it harnesses enough power, the Celestial will be born, and the Earth will get destroyed.

Following the death of the Celestial leader, Ajak, Sersi reunites the rest of the Eternals after centuries to stop the birth of the new celestial and save the planet.

There are plenty of other things going on in the film, aside from the looming colossal destruction. There are love triangles and breathtaking action scenes. To make matters worse, a new Deviant arises. This Deviant can steal the Eternals' powers. The Eternals later discover that they are not who they think they are. Instead, they are space robots planted with false memories.

Let us discuss them one by one. 


How Will The Eternals Save The Earth?

Sersi gathers the Eternals and informs them of the emergence of a colossal Celestial that will destroy the Earth. She tells them her plan to prevent the apocalypse from happening. Instead of killing the Celestial, Sersi only wanted to put him to sleep. She explains to the other Eternals that they need to use Druig's powers to control the Celestial's mind long enough to put it into a deep slumber.

Of course, Druig's energy alone is not enough to put the Celestial to sleep. Phastos, the team engineer, explains to Sersi that he must invent something to harness the collective powers of the Eternals for her plan to work. He then starts crafting a device that will allow all the Eternals to channel all their energy into a single team member.

Phastos uses the sphere that Sersi inherited following Ajak's death. The golden orb serves as a communication tool to the 'Prime Celestial' Arishem. Phastos creates powerful bracelets that let the Eternals link up mentally. Using the bracelet, they can all channel their energy into one Eternal's superpower. The plan was supposed to go smoothly. But then, there is a traitor, Ikaris.

Through a flashback, we find out that Ikaris is responsible for the death of Ajak, their previous leader. Ikaris threw Ajak to the Deviant wolves after discovering that she wanted to save the Earth from the birth of the Celestial.

For centuries, Ikaris knew all along that the emergence would happen. He was only pretending to be unaware of anything about it. However, when he realizes that the team plans to halt the emergence, he decides to interfere.

Ikaris and Sprite left the Eternals behind, but not before destroying Phastos' blueprint for the mind linking bracelets and the Eternal's spaceships. Although Ikaris' betrayal affected the team, it did not stop them from doing their mission. Phastos reinvents the bracelets, and the Eternals go to the point of emergence to prevent the Celestial from coming out.

By this time, the Celestial is now slowly breaking through the Earth's core. The Eternals use their mind link while hovering and shining in the air. Druig tries to put the emerging Celestial back to sleep. However, Ikaris suddenly arrives and knocks out Druig just before he can complete the task.

Ikaris then flies and starts shooting his ex-teammates with his laser eyes. 


If that is not enough trouble, the evolved Deviant that killed Ajak arrives, ready to kill the Eternals even before the Celestial emerges. The Eternals face the threats head-on. Thena fights the Deviant while Phastos traps Ikaris. With their secondary enemies contained, Sersi steps up to finish the mission.

Sersi sprints to the point of emergence while her teammates fight the Deviant and her former lover. She finds an easy access point to the Celestial and touches it while activating her superpowers.

Sersi has the power to change matter, so she starts transforming the Celestial into ice. That effectively put the Celestial to sleep, just like her original plan.

Ikaris manages to break free and tries to stop Sersi. But since he still has feelings for her, he is unable to hurt her in any way. Instead, he decides to join the team with the now reactivated mind link. Thena, on the other hand, manages to kill the Deviant all by herself. In the end, all the Eternals get together and give their energy to Sersi. With all their energy combined, Sersi successfully turns the Celestial into ice and saves the Earth.

After the dramatic scene, Ikaris bids goodbye to Sersi before flying into the sun and killing himself, just like in the lore. Although this was a sad moment, the rest of the movie had a happy ending (almost). Sersi and her human boyfriend Dane get back together. Sprite turns into a human to live and age normally, while the rest of the Eternals prepare for another life mission.

But wait, there's more!

In the post-credit scene, we see the Eternals divide into two groups. Sersi, Pixie, and Kingo choose to stay on Earth, while Druig, Thena, and Makkari hop on the spaceship to reach out to other Eternals and tell them the truth about the missions from the Celestials.

Of course, happy endings are temporary. This is the Marvel Universe, after all. The Celestials are aware of what the Eternals did, and they are not pleased. Arishem arrives on Earth and takes Sersi and the rest of the Eternals, who chose to stay on the planet, back to their home ship. He tells the Eternals that their memories will get extracted and used to decide whether humans will live or die.

But with every Marvel problem comes a Marvel-ous solution. In the post-credit scene, the group of Eternals that went to space is still traveling smoothly. When they did not hear back from Sersi and the rest of the Eternals that stayed behind, the group decided to return to Earth. But just before they could return, Eros appears (Harry Styles). He tells the Eternals about what Arishem did to Sersi and the others. He also offers to help them save their friends. 


Who Is Eros?

Eros is an Eternal himself and is the brother of Thanos. Do not worry, though. He is not as power-hungry as his brother. His only interest is women and having a great time.

Eros has the power to change people's minds and perceptions (sounds handy for being a womanizer). He lived a carefree life, but that changed after his brother rampaged and destroyed their planet home, Titan. Eros saw Thanos kill many of the planet's Eternals, including their own mom. That made Eros decide to take his immortal life more seriously.

So, there you have it. Expect to see more of Harry Styles in the cape as Eros and the rest of the Eternals as they go head to head against the Celestials. We are excited to see how these new characters tie up into the MCU in the future.  

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