Escape Room 3: Everything We Know So Far

Will they be trapped again? Read on the article to find out...

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Will Escape Room 3 happen? A question that is still unanswered! The sequel in the two-part movie series kind of underperformed so so there hasn't been a renewal as of now. The sequel bagged $51.8 million to date which is really less compared to the first box office figures which stood at $156 million. The second movie Escape Room: Tournament of Champions did set up a third installment with plenty of plot arcs unfinished,  "The worst thing I think we could have done is, like, given everybody the answers." via TheWrap.

When Can We Expect a Third Installment in  The Escape Room Franchise?


As we are still awaiting confirmation, we don't have a release date yet. However, if we do get the third movie we won't be getting it before 2024 that's for sure.

What Can We Expect From Escape Room 3?


At the very end of the second movie, we saw Minos setting up Zoey and Ben for a plane-based escape room mission. They don't manage to escape Minos. We saw Theo not surviving the first game, during the game Zoey keeps on referencing someone named Sonya. The third movie if it happens will pick up from when they left which is the cliffhanger before Zoey and Ben ends up in an even more dangerous escape room. Director Adam Robitel told EW before the sequel was released that they have a "treasure trove of ideas" for the third movie, and he offered some detailed theories of his own in an interview with TheWrap.

"Does movie three pick up right on the plane, or is it going in a different direction? I like the idea of opening a movie with the people watching it, like the assholes who actually watch these games, like they should be thrown into an escape room," he said.

"Because they're the real problem, right? They're the rubberneckers. They're the ones in the Colosseum watching the gladiators be fed to the lions. So let's see them get their just desserts."

Who Will Be Returning in Escape Room 3?

The potential third movie will have Taylor Russell and Logan Miller. We would also expect to see Deborah Ann Woll. Outside of these three names, we don't have any information on anybody's return as of now. We will have to wait as only time will tell what this franchise has in store for us. 

Does Escape Room 3 Have a Trailer?

No, we should hope for confirmation first!


Is There a Poster for Escape Room 3?

No, not yet!