'Emily in Paris Season 3': Mini Review and Ending Explained

The American comedy-drama has returned with its 3rd season.

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Heavy Spoilers Ahead, Tread Carefully...

The show Emily in Paris had a weird charm to it when it first came out. On one hand, people found it stereotypical with pretty lousy writing, but on the other hand, nobody could stop talking about it. So when I went in, my expectations were lower than the temperature of the Arctic circle. What happened you ask? Well, I found it rather amusing, yes Emily's life is a cakewalk, and every conflict in her life is inconsequential as she seems to find a fix to everything in minutes. However, I can see why it worked out for Netflix and the project. 

What's The Premise of Emily in Paris?


After landing her dream job, Emily who is originally from The States moves to Paris. She embraces her new life and makes friends in the process. The show centers around her work life and shows her struggling to balance both her personal and professional life together. The American comedy-drama created by Darren Star follows her journey through ups and downs, introducing new characters along the way. In a year when everything was shutting down and hopes of getting on a plane seemed rather slim, Netflix brought to us a series that enabled us to travel while sitting at home. The premise which seemed far away from reality helped the project to soar. Leaving everything behind to start a new life in a foreign land was something many people wanted to do in 2020 and Emily in Paris was a kind of cathartic for them. 

30-Second Review...


While I didn't hate the show when it started, the second and now the third season seems more of a nosedive. The writing remains lazy and the fun drift seems to be slowly fading away. The protagonist was never likable and I am all in for a grey protagonist, but the script needs to be dealt with grace and taste for that to happen. 

Emily in Paris  Ending Explained


When we last saw Emily, she was tangled in a huge dilemma. She had to make a decision between sticking with Madeline and Savoir or joining Sylvie and her old colleagues on a new "unnamed" venture of their own. She was completely torn between the two groups and had absolutely no idea what to do! You may have expected her to come to a decision but alas! The American workaholic couldn't choose between the two as she had nightmares confronting Madeline who was pregnant and couldn't say no to Sylvie as that's where she actually wanted to work. For a mot minute, she tried to work for both marketing firms as Emily has always been a people-pleaser. In the first episode, we see how things blow up because of Emily's overestimation of her managerial capabilities. The farce is soon unveiled thanks to Luc and Emily ends up losing her job with Sylvie and Alfie breaks up with her for not showing up to his farewell party. Emily is then forced to focus on her job with Savoir but with an empty client base, they soon realize that their business in Paris was over. Madeline soon decides to leave Paris along with Emily but she realizes that she cannot live outside of Paris anymore. She then returns to Paris and starts to focus on her social media and lives her life to the fullest. You know what's coming next, right? Of course, Sylvie feels helpless without Emily and she allows Emily to join her firm once again. 

Meanwhile, her personal life was in turmoil. Alfie was feeling ignored. Camille had fallen in love with a woman named Sophia. Gabriel was still secretly in love with Emily. Gabriel suddenly informs Emily that he was now engaged to Camille. Despite knowing the fact that Camille was dating a woman Emily decided to stay out of it. Emily soon decides to confront Camille, but Camille hardly cared anymore she reminded her that it was just a fling just like her short affair with Gabriel. However, that doesn't last for very long as Camille realizes she cannot continue this pretense and walks off from the alter. When Emily finally gets a chance to talk to Gabriel, he tells her that Camille had returned not because she wanted to give this relationship a second chance but because she was pregnant. Emily is taken aback, and the season ends! What will finally happen between Emily and Gabriel still remained unanswered!