Elon Musk And James Franco Will Not Be Testifying In The Defamation Case

Elon Musk And James Franco Will Not Be Testifying In The Defamation Case

Musk and Franco were on Heard's witness list as part of the trial process.

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial was an already high-profile case that attracted a lot of attention. But what made it even more intriguing was other well-known names and celebrities that were included in the list of witnesses during court proceedings. This included actors Paul Bettany, James Franco, Ellen Barkin, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who was also Heard's former boyfriend.

Bettany's text messages with Depp were read in court last week, revealing shocking and violent acts against the Aquaman actress. Depp testified about the messages in court. But it has now been revealed that Franco and Musk will not be testifying in court.


The two men were on Heard's witness list as part of the trial process. But it has been confirmed that they will not be taking the stand, as per The Independent. There was no reason provided as to why they will not be testifying, however. Especially since Depp's representatives have brought them up during the trial in the past. Videos of Heard with Musk and Franco in the elevator were shown, suggesting that she was cheating on her then-husband with them. Heard even dated Musk after her split from Depp. His name was brought up again when talent agent Christian Carino read text messages revealing Heard was using Musk "for filling space" after her split with Depp.


Additionally, the general counsel of the ACLU, Terence Dougherty, also testified in the trial stating that the foundation believed Musk had paid $500,000 to help Heard fulfill a $3.5 million donation pledge to the organization. This was the agreement that Heard would donate her divorce settlement of $7 million to charity. He also revealed the part ACLU played in drafting the Washington Post op-ed that started off the $50 million lawsuits by Depp against his ex-wife for defamation. 

As for Franco, his involvement was brought to light during the libel case Depp had filed against The Sun when the trial took place in London. Heard said during the other trial that Franco was riding with her in the elevator of the apartment building she had shared with Depp. "We were talking," Heard said of the conversation they had. "He was saying to me, 'Oh my God, what happened to you?'" This was in reference to the alleged injuries she had sustained from the physical abuse she sustained from Depp. Joshua Drew, a friend of Heard's, had also told the court he had heard Depp had a “particular issue” with Franco. Any mention of his name would “cause fights” between the two. 

They were not called to the stand despite the crucial role they play in the case.


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