Ellen DeGeneres Moved To Tears By 7-Year-Old Hockey Fan's Adorable Pep Talk

Ellen DeGeneres Moved To Tears By 7-Year-Old Hockey Fan's Adorable Pep Talk

Callan Perks, who goes by the name "Coach Cal" loves motivating others.

An adorable seven-year-old is out on a mission to inspire others. Young Canadian hockey fan, Callan Perks even brought talk-show host, Ellen DeGeneres to tears with his heartfelt pep talk on her show on Wednesday morning. The youngster first went viral with a video of him giving a pregame speech to the Peterborough Petes of the Ontario Hockey League, reports ET Canada. "Hi, this is my speech for tonight," Callan began. "Here we go. Legends are made every day and you could be one of the greats," Callan said. "We’re going to do whatever it takes to get the win. Get in there. That's your puck … We won't let those 67’s get a win in our barn … Let's go!" The players were amazed by the pep talk from this young boy and gave Callan a loud round of applause.


Sure enough, the adorable youngster found his way onto the Ellen Show. Perks, who goes by the name “Coach Cal” and is known for his phrase “Get The W”, spoke to the host about his love for motivating others. “I always want to think positive, even if you’re having a bad day just go out there and ‘Get The W’ no matter what time," he shared. “You just have to stay positive and know that your speech will be the best,” he said of what makes for a good motivational speech: “Just do all that good stuff and it will happen.”


The seven-year-old then decided to show Ellen what he's talking about by giving her one of his famous talks. Coach Cal started off by calling her "legend" for doing an incredible job for the past 19 seasons of her show. “When it’s time to say goodbye and turn out the lights, just remember that you Ellen will always ‘Get The W’ because you have given whatever it takes to be you.” After hearing the sweet pep talk, DeGeneres got emotional. A teary-eyed DeGeneres told Perks, “I have to give you a hug! I have to say, I know a lot of fancy people and what you just said to me means more to me than what I can possibly convey to you. You are just a special little being with such a big heart and I thank you for that. That was the sweetest thing.” Coach Cal was not going to go back home empty-handed. DeGeneres later surprised the boy with some “Coach Cal necessities" including a tracksuit, clipboard, and a megaphone, all with his name on it. Check out the cute video below!


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