Elite Season 8: Everything We Know So Far

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Elite Season 8

As fans of the Netflix series 'Élite,' we all knew this day would come, but it doesn't make saying goodbye to Las Encinas any easier. Season 8 is set to be the show's grand finale, promising an explosive farewell to the chaos and drama we've come to love. With familiar faces returning to wrap up their stories and new characters adding intrigue, it's bound to be a rollercoaster ride. Let's dive into everything we know about this highly anticipated season.

Will Elite Return With Season 8?

Renewal Status: Renewed


The burning question on everyone's mind is, "Is season 8 truly the final season of 'Élite'?" Sadly, the answer is yes. Netflix made this announcement shortly before Season 7's release, leaving fans both excited and bittersweet. Interestingly, the number 8 forms an infinity symbol, raising the possibility that the creators may have more in store for this universe in the future. Will this be a true farewell, or is there more to come? We can only wonder.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Elite Season 8?


One of the key factors that makes 'Élite' so engrossing is its diverse and dynamic cast. In season 8, fans can look forward to the return of Mina El Hammani as Nadia Shanaa, a fan favorite who will no doubt continue to be a central figure in the unfolding drama. Her presence will be instrumental in guiding her brother through the aftermath of Samu's death.

But there's more! Two fresh faces are set to join the ensemble, injecting new energy into the series. Ane Rot takes on the role of Emilia, while Nuno Gallego steps into the shoes of Héctor. These new characters bring with them the potential for exciting storylines and unexpected twists, further fueling our anticipation for the final season.

What Will Be The Plot Of Elite Season 8?

The conclusion of Season 7 left viewers in shock as they witnessed the death of Raúl, initially believed to be a tragic suicide. However, it was later revealed that Carmen played a part in his demise by pushing him off a balcony after he attempted to harm her. Chloe, realizing the gravity of the situation, collaborates with Carmen to devise an alibi, thereby protecting each other. Yet, their dark secret may not remain hidden for long, as Dalmar captures the entire chilling incident on camera. The suspense intensifies as we eagerly await the revelation of whether their secret will stay buried.


When Is The Release Date Of Elite Season 8?

With the 'Élite' fan base clamoring for information, many are eager to know when Season 8 will be available for streaming. While an official release date is yet to be announced, Netflix traditionally follows an annual schedule for its hit series. As a result, we can anticipate the arrival of new episodes in 2024, offering a thrilling start to the year.