Elite Season 4 On Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

Elite Season 4 On Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

The fourth season of the teen thriller Elite is in production at Netflix. Read all about its cast, storyline, and release date here.

It hasn't been long since Elite season three has come out, yet, fans are already impatiently waiting for season four.

The hit teen thriller on Netflix started with the mysterious murder of Marina, a student of Las Encinas. There have been several scandals since then, and season three seemed to tie things up neatly as all of us got to know Polo's murderer.

The way this series gained popularity, as well as the way cast members of the show have been dropping hints of season four, we believe it won't be long till all of us pull all-nighters to finish season four in one go!

Has Elite Been Renewed For Season 4?


Netflix took to Twitter on May 22nd to officially announce the show's renewal with the help of some of its cast members. To top off the good news, we also got wind from a Spanish site Bluper that Elite season four and five have already started production. 


Despite the renewal, we still don't have any news regarding when the new season will be released. If filming had even begun, the pandemic would have halted any progress. Season one was released in October 2018, while season two released in September 2019, and season three came out in March 2020. All of these releases followed a variable path; therefore, it is hard to conclude when season four will be released.

But, considering the report from Bluper that said the new season is already in production, we can say that season four of Elite may be lighting up our screens next year in spring. This is only our best guess.

The Cast Of Elite Season 4

Elite cast

All of us know that the end of season three of Elite meant that the original cast members had completed their term on Las Encinas sets. The original cast members had also revealed this in a video on season three. Georgina Amoros said, "In this season, the cycle completed and another one will start now."

Fuera de Series also reported that the third season would be the final one in which we will see the original cast members. The new season will have a new cast. However, there is no information yet, on who will be in the new season; however, you will be the first to know as soon as the news gets out!

For now, we can all say goodbye to the old cast members and students of Las Encinas!


The Storyline Of Elite Season 4


As season four of Elite will feature new cast members, what the new story will hold, no one knows yet. If the new season roams around Las Encinas, we can guarantee that the story will be filled with scandal, mystery, and class struggles.

However, since season three ended with Samuel, Guzman, Ander, Omar, and Rebeca remaining in Las Encinas, we think that the new season will feature a new school. We will let you know as soon as we find out!

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