Edens Zero Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Embark on an electrifying journey through uncharted galaxies as Edens Zero's highly anticipated Season 2 unravels gripping adventures and epic battles!

Edens Zero Season 3

After a long wait, fans of the popular sci-fi adventure series Edens Zero were finally treated to the highly anticipated season 2, which was released recently. With the second season now here, let's delve into the possibilities of a potential third season for Edens Zero and examine the factors that might determine its fate.

The Manga as a Strong Source Material

The anime adaptation of Hiro Mashima’s manga, Edens Zero, is an ongoing series. With the manga having already published 233 chapters, there is an ample amount of source material for the anime to continue its adaptation. The first season covered approximately 68 chapters, and it is expected that the second season may cover a similar number of chapters, possibly up to chapter 138. Moreover, since the manga is still ongoing, there will likely be even more chapters published by the time the second season concludes, making a strong case for a potential third season.

The Show's Popularity and Fanbase

The first season of Edens Zero garnered significant popularity, thanks to its intriguing plot, relatable characters, and the creative vision of its creator, Hiro Mashima. The show has amassed a loyal fanbase, which has only grown with the release of the second season. The support and enthusiasm of the fans make a compelling argument for the continuation of the series with a third season.

Final Thoughts

As long as Edens Zero continues to capture the audience's interest, there's a high possibility of a third season becoming a reality. With a rich source material from the ongoing manga and a dedicated fanbase, the show's future looks promising. Fans can look forward to more exhilarating adventures, intense battles, and the exploration of new characters and worlds as the narrative unfolds. Although there is no official confirmation of a third season yet, the evidence strongly suggests that Edens Zero will continue to captivate viewers for seasons to come.


The release of Edens Zero's second season has sparked excitement among fans worldwide, and the possibility of a third season seems highly plausible. With an ongoing manga series providing abundant source material and a passionate fanbase supporting the show, the adventures of Shiki and his friends are likely to continue captivating audiences for the foreseeable future. As we await any official announcements, let's savor the action-packed journey of Edens Zero and anticipate the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.