The Rock Shares The First Look At 'Jumanji 3' And He Looks Savage

The Rock Shares The First Look At 'Jumanji 3' And He Looks Savage

After Dwayne Johnson recently announced 'Jumanji 3' release date, he just posted the first teaser picture of the film

The fantasy fans are soon going to be in for a treat after Dywane Johnson's 'Jumanji 3' releases. The film is currently under its production process and the actor is sharing pictures from the set to keep the fans updated. The actor recently announced the movies release date and now, The Rock just posted the first teaser picture of the film as reported by Digital Spy

In the picture, the actors from 'Jumanji: Welcome To the Jungle' can be seen back to their roles as they pose like they are ready for an adventure. The picture shows the main cast that includes Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillian, and Jack Black, all dressed up for the jungle adventure. He captioned the picture announcing the come back of the Jumanji team. 


"Yes, you’re favorite band is back ~ lookin’ lean (ish) and mean," wrote Dwayne. "Even though things may not be as they seem. So buckle up world because soon we’ll all play when a brand NEW JUMANJI drops this Holiday! Oh, the fun you’re gonna have. Love, The Smoldering Dr. Bravestone." Earlier, Dwayne had posted another behind the scene picture on Instagram from the sets of the film. In the caption for the picture, he praised his crew and how grateful he was for the 'productive' day at the sets.

"Finished strong130am. On set. JUMANJI. Wrapped another very productive (and fun) week of filming. Hat tip of gratitude and love to my hardworking and brilliant film crew who makes all the magic happen behind the curtains. Come Monday mornin’, we’ll punch that clock and continue down our Jumanji Universe road. Over and out ~ The Smoldering Dr. Bravestone, " he wrote. 


The actor will be playing the role of Dr. Bravestone and apart from the actors mentioned earlier the film will also introduce some new characters played by new actors like Awkwafina, who previously got popular with 'Crazy Rich Asians'. It was earlier announced that even Danny DeVito from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and 'Batman Returns' was going to be a part of the film. Danny Glover from 'Lethal Weapon' is also a part of the film. 

Dwayne had earlier spoken to The Hollywood Reporter talking about the new cast of the film."From Awkwafina to Danny DeVito to now one of my action heroes, Danny Glover — its been awesome having so many actors and OG legends raise their hands wanting to come and play in our Jumanji universe, 'Who turns into who?' will always be the fun magic sauce for our audience."



Another picture was shared by Johnson that featured him with De Vito and Kevin Hart, as they prepped up for their roles. In the caption of the picture, The Rock revealed the nicknames that he had given to his costars. "Dear audience, Oh the fun you are going to have this CHRISTMAS when you watch our new JUMANJI. Love you all, DJ aka Dwanta Claus. DeVito aka Everyone’s favorite grandpa. Hart aka My chocolate biscuit shit son,' he said. 

The 'Once Upon A Time Star' Dania Ramirez will also appear in the film. 'Jumanji 3'  is being directed by Jake Kasdan and written by Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg, they also wrote 'Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle'. The film is set to release on December 13, 2019. The first film of the franchise, 'Jumanji' came out in 1995 and was directed by Joe Johnson. 



The film's plot revolves around two children who discover a mysterious board game. As they start to play it, they learn about its magical powers that can take you to the jungle world. The children meet a man named Alan who is trapped in the jungle world and needs their help to get out. The kids have to go through various dangerous tasks to set him free from the world of Jumanji. The film's first sequel 'Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle' was one of the biggest hits of 2017. In an interview with Screen Rant, Jack black spoke about what the upcoming 'Jumanji' film should feature.

He talked about how it can show the origin of the magical video game and how it came to existence. "That was a cool thing when we were putting this thing together, developing the script, and we all felt like - first of all, the device - if it evolves from a board game then to a video game, then in the future it could be... who knows what it could be, right? So it's kind of like limitless where the entry can be. And also the device of us being teenagers too. We knew it was going to be fun because then I think it opens up the world and you think "well, who are the other actors you want to play with?" said Jack.  


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