Dwayne Johnson Reveals The Untold Reason Why Black Adam 2 Was Canceled

Dwayne Johnson unveils Black Adam's downfall: COVID, leadership changes, and creative divergences. Future hints in DC multiverse, as Johnson's passion project faces an uncertain fate.

Black Adam

In the world of Hollywood, passion projects often hold a special place in an actor's heart. Dwayne Johnson's fervor for bringing Black Adam to life was no exception. The journey, however, was anything but smooth. After over a decade of anticipation, when the Black Adam movie finally hit the screens, it encountered a tempestuous storm at Warner Bros. Plans for sequels and spin-offs were on the table, but they remained mere plans, never blossoming into reality.

In a candid conversation with his longtime friend Kevin Hart on Peacock’s engaging show, "Hart to Heart," Dwayne Johnson peeled back the layers behind the curtain, revealing why the Black Adam franchise crumbled before it could even spread its wings.

"It's like we were caught in the whirlwind of a changing tide," Johnson shared with Hart. "You know, we were weaving the threads of Black Adam amidst its creation, development, and filming. But then the unexpected punch of Covid and its relentless lockdowns hit us, knocking us off our stride. We got back up, of course, but the upheaval was far from over. The leadership at Warner Bros. was shifting like sand under our feet. And, you know, when new leaders come aboard, they bring their visions, their strategies, often at odds with the foundation that was laid."


In a landscape where colossal companies are not just organizations but publicly traded giants, change in leadership can be a double-edged sword. New voices emerge, and these voices come with novel perspectives and goals. Unfortunately, these voices can also cast shadows on the once-bright prospects of a film, especially one as intricate as Black Adam.

The Black Adam movie may not have smashed box office records, but it was a monumental milestone in Dwayne Johnson's career. For three weeks, it reigned supreme as the number one film. Notably, it also marked the return of Henry Cavill as Superman, teasing a promising trajectory for the DC Universe. Yet, as fate would have it, the path was destined to diverge.

James Gunn and Peter Safran, prominent figures in the DC Universe, charted a course that deviated from Johnson's artistic vision. "It's akin to someone acquiring an NFL team," Johnson poetically illustrated. "They come in with new plans, a new head coach, a new quarterback. Past victories, accolades, they all fade away in the face of fresh beginnings."

It wasn't all doom and gloom, however. In a glimmer of hope, Johnson revealed that he and James Gunn had sat down in the twilight of the previous year. There, seeds were planted for Black Adam's potential reemergence. "Dear friends," Johnson wrote in a heartfelt statement, "I've been itching to update you on the journey of Black Adam within the new DC Universe. James Gunn and I had a heart-to-heart, and we've decided that Black Adam won't take center stage in their first chapter. But fret not, as DC and Seven Bucks Productions have vowed to keep exploring the myriad possibilities that Black Adam offers within the rich tapestry of the DC multiverse."

So, while the curtain might have momentarily fallen on the Black Adam saga, the story doesn't end here. It's a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity, the unpredictable nature of Hollywood's evolution, and the ever-changing currents of leadership that shape the course of cinematic dreams. As fans and followers of Dwayne Johnson and the DC Universe, we can look ahead with anticipation, knowing that the multiverse holds untold chapters for Black Adam and his journey.