‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Season 3 Ending Explained

‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Season 3 Ending Explained

The season begins with the troops venturing toward Foulfell to defeat Terrorblade one last time.

The third season of DOTA: Dragon's Blood reveals a complex fantasy tale about our brave warriors, but its conclusion might leave viewers with more questions than answers. To completely comprehend what transpired with the characters in Season 3, there may be important facts that you missed as Mirana and her comrades set off on a perilous mission to save the world.


What Is Season 3 About?

The season begins with the troops venturing toward Foulfell to defeat Terrorblade one last time. However, before the last battle, Fymryn becomes a Goddess Mene and helps the Elven Enclaves listen to reason after reclaiming Selemene’s position as her own. The Invoker strikes a deal with the Empress and helps Davion possess all the old wyrm souls. He becomes a hybrid while using all of the powers, and they begin their fight with Terrorblade. Terrorblade first manipulates them and then traps them all in their personal nightmares, which are thwarted by Fymryn’s magic. Terrorblade is defeated, although at the cost of Davion’s life. The Invoker seized this opportunity to create a brand new world where his daughter Filomena is alive, and the troops have never met each other.


Mirana finds herself in an uncomfortable present where her father is still alive, and Kashurra does not exist. It is a future where Mirana has not lost Davion or Marci. She goes to the oracle in search of answers and returns with all her previous memories. To set everything right, Mirana decides to pursue Davion from the beginning and accompanies him to meet Slyrak. She has an argument and understands that he is not the same Davion, so she sets off alone with Marci to have a discussion with Slyrak. Mirana has yet to awaken her powers, although she does awaken a semblance of her powers to defeat Kaden, who was already there to apprehend Slyrak.


Along the way, the rocks from the broken, mad Moon have started corrupting the rest of the denizens into madness. Filomena seems alive and intuitive, while Fymryn reigns over all elves as the Goddess of the Moon Mene. Filomena asks for an audience with her so as to stop the ongoing war between the Helio Imperium and the Elven Enclaves. Filomena searches for answers; however, the Invoker refuses to provide them. She searches Fymryn’s memories for the answers and finds out that this universe was not supposed to exist. They unite to defeat the Invoker and return the timeline to how it was previously. Davion reaches out to Mirana to change the time back. Mirana and Fymryn decide to rule the new world as goddesses.


How Is Filomena Still Alive?

Filomena survives the ending of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood because an alternate reality version of herself is moved into the universe where she can be cured. Invoker is imprisoned in Foulfell, Terrorblade's home realm and the "hell of hells," at the conclusion of DOTA: Dragon's Blood. He is pictured grinning as they depart, despite having lost all of his strength in the fight with Terrorblade and receiving a dressing down from the heroes. This grin is a result of his huge scheme finally succeeding, but not in the manner he had anticipated.


According to Elder Titan's backstory, Invoker intended to utilize the eight Eldwurm souls to reconstruct the universe using the Forge of Creation. In accomplishing this, he constructs a universe in which the Mad Moon endures. Invoker begins demonstrating the forge to Filomena in episode seven of season three.


She struggles with the idea of wiping out everything she knows, but when the Mad Moon bursts and destroys the earth, she may have to reconsider. Despite Mirana's destruction of this reality, multiverses frequently don't end abruptly in works of fiction. The new Filomena's life is likely to continue even after Mirana shifts events back, and she may even learn how to use the forge in a way that enables her to enter other universes.

It's not entirely clear how she is being treated. When Selemene was exposed to the flowers in season two, they seemed to be much more potent, and the ominous "do you love me?" suggests that she may have awakened to godhood. 

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