Donald Trump Rejects Chris Evans' Invitation Twice

Donald Trump Rejects Chris Evans' Invitation Twice

Captain America actor revealed that the US President refused his invitation to participate in his a bipartisan website twice .

Chris Evans revealed that Donald Trump refused to meet with him twice on his political education project.

The 39-years-old Captain America star together with Mark Kassen, and technology entrepreneur Joe Kiani created A Starting Point, a bipartisan website aimed to help United States citizens to have a better understanding of the policies of elected representatives.

Evans does not add his personal views and opinion on the website and only hopes to provide people with accurate information that does not take sides.

While plugging the project in Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Evans was asked if he had ever invited President Trump to participate in the project, to which the actor answered:

"You have to, right? You have to. I shouldn’t say it that way. No, I asked him, and he said no. He said no twice, and so it’s like ‘Well I did my part.’

Jimmy then jokingly reacted: ‘President Trump said no to Captain America. Just want to point that out.’


Despite Trump's refusal, several other politicians from all parties have already recorded a video for A Starting Point. The website describes itself as 'a video-based civic engagement platform' with a mission 'to create a bipartisan channel of communication and connectivity between Americans and their elected officials with the goal of creating a more informed electorate.’

Evans admitted that he had a hard time convincing politicians to help out with his project because many feared it was a prank.

"Nobody responded. Initially, everybody thought it was a joke. Everybody thought that we were somehow trying to prank them so it took a long time to build that bridge," Evans said.

Nevertheless, he managed to get over 200 elected officials involved with ASP.

This isn't the first time for Evans to get involved in politics on a broad scale. He regularly uses his social media to share his political views, including criticisms on public officials.

One of the actor's latest tweets involve him calling Trump 'a giant meatball' after the president said he intends to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci should he be re-elected after Tuesday’s (3 November) election.

“This actual meatball wants to fire the US’s top infectious disease expert during a pandemic,” Evans tweeted along with a video of Trump speaking at a recent rally in Florida.

He added: “Fauci is a man of science. Other folks from the scientific community need to stand up for Fauci before this dunce cap replaces him with Lil Wayne.”


Evans also recently joined Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris in a virtual fundraiser called Voters Assemble! The Cast of the Avengers United for Democracy.

He was joined by the other Avengers casts like Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Saldana, Paul Rudd, and Mark Ruffalo.

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