Disney Has Reportedly Decided On How To Proceed With 'Black Panther' 2

Disney Has Reportedly Decided On How To Proceed With 'Black Panther' 2

Shuri will reportedly replace T'Challa as the new Black Panther in the upcoming sequel.

The world may still haven't recovered from Chadwick Boseman's death, but Disney is reportedly intent on making sure that the fate of Wakanda will be left in good hands now that its king is gone.

The most prevalent reports tell that T'Challa's genius sister Shuri (played by Letitia Wright) is set to become the New Black Panther and Wakanda's new protector permanently.

An unnamed source of We Got This Covered claims that Disney and Marvel have already 'decided on how to move forward' with the Black Panther franchise following Boseman's death.

Details of the plan remain unclear, however, the entertainment website said that T'Challa would be written out of Black Panther 2 before the story starts, meaning he'll die off-screen.

Although this hasn't been officially confirmed by Marvel yet, this is truly the only logical way to begin a sequel without Boseman in the lead. 

Shuri- Black Panther


The princess of Wakanda is indeed the only character fitting enough to wear the suit and inherit the responsibility of leading Wakanda.

In the Marvel Universe, one must be coming from a royal bloodline to become the next Black Panther.

The heart-shaped plant, which is necessary to gain the strength of the Black Panther, does not agree with anyone who isn't royal blooded.

It's also worth noting that in the comics, Shuri has gained the powers of the Black Panther, adding more legitimacy to the plan. In the comics, Shuri became Black Panther when T'Challa was gravely ill.

Due to the comics outline, there were even speculations that Shuri would replace her brother in Avengers: Endgame.

This, of course, didn't happen, but now the popular theory might finally come to reality.

Shuri's charisma is just as strong as her brothers. She was undeniably a show-stealer during 2018's Black Panther, too, so her casting for the lead role shouldn't be met with much resistance.

Shuri- Black Panther


Fans have already expressed their support on Shuri's rumored casting as the next Black Panther.

One fan said: "I hope Marvel don't recast a new character to replace Chadwick as the Black Panther. Shuri should take mantle and become the new Black Panther."


While another one tweeted: "only acceptable way to continue the black panther franchise is to make shuri the new black panther. if it ain't that, then don't even bother."


More than just being a superhero film, Black Panther was a symbol of Black strength and power. The film is unparalleled in terms of representation in box office cinema. If Boseman's T'Challa made young Black boys believe that they too can be a superhero, then there's no way of telling how far Wright's Shuri will inspire young Black girls also.

Black Panther 2 is originally scheduled to start shooting next March to meet the May 2022 release date. However, with the recent pandemic and Boseman's passing, delays are likely to be expected.

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