Disney 100 Quiz Answers for TikTok Game (Today, Nov 1, 2023)

Today's answers to Disney 100 Quiz.

Disney 100 Quiz

Below are the solutions for today's Disney 100 quiz, dated November 1st. This compendium offers participants the full set of responses to the TikTok quiz. Although the accuracy of your answers doesn't significantly impact your rewards—since you still receive a two-card prize—certain players aspire to answer all questions correctly. Presented herein are the complete Disney 100 inquiries and their corresponding responses for the day of November 1, 2023.

All Disney 100 quiz answers for November 1, 2023

1. What is the name of the star that Tiana wishes on?

Evening Star

2. Who ISN’T a chef in Gusteau’s kitchen?


3. What year was National Geographic founded?


4. What character appears in every episode of Phineas and Ferb?


5. True or False: Guests’ journeys through Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure take place from a “rat’s-eye view.”


Today's Disney 100 quiz challenges players to demonstrate their expertise in The Princess and The Frog, while also testing their knowledge of real-world elements related to National Geographic and Remy's Ratatouille Adventure. Furthermore, the quiz includes an additional question focused on the delightful world of Ratatouille, and a particularly challenging query related to Phineas and Ferb, which might pose a significant challenge to those who are not well-versed in the show.

It's essential to keep in mind that the outcome of whether you answer the questions correctly or not holds little consequence, as the game generously provides you with two Character Cards, regardless of your performance. Achieving correct answers serves as a rewarding bonus, but it does not yield any additional in-game rewards.