Did Sheila Die In ‘Fear Street Part Two: 1978'?

Did Sheila Die In ‘Fear Street Part Two: 1978'?

What happened to Sheila during the Camp Nightwing's massacre in 1978?

Meet Sheila (Chiara Aurelia), Camp Nightwing's a little more sinister version of Mean Girls' Regina George in ‘Fear Street Part Two: 1978'. She's the typical teenager we love to hate, obviously spoiled, and coerces others to support her bullying tactics. She leads the group of teenagers who tormented Ziggy at the beginning of the film.

‘Fear Street Part Two: 1978' is the second film in the 'Fear Street' trilogy. The slasher trilogy is directed by Leigh Janiak, based on the best-selling 'Fear Street' novels by 'Goosebumps' author R.L. Stine. The second film brings us back to 1978 with C. Berman AKA Ziggy telling us what happened at the Camp Nightwing massacre.

So what happens to Sheila at the end of ‘Fear Street Part Two: 1978'? Did she die? Let's find out.

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Did Sheila Die In Fear Street? 

You can hate her all you want, but Sheila survived without even doing anything, and we will tell you why.

Sunnyvale and Shadyside always had a barrier between them. Sunnyvale is a much richer town while Shadyside seems like a cursed place. Shadyside is relatively poor compared to Sunnyvale, not to mention the place is gripped by an inexplicable curse that turns its residents into mass murderers once every few years. Because of this, Sunnyvalers often look down at Shadysiders.

Camp Nightwing is among the few instances where the teenagers from both places interact. The teenagers participate in Color War, an event where they partake in friendly contests such as capture the flags. In Color War, the Shadysiders wear blue, and Sunnyvalers wear red. Sheila and her troop are all from Sunnyvale. They accused Ziggy of stealing Sheila's money, and they tied her to the same tree where Sarah Fier was hanged in 1666.

Sheila, just like most Sunnyvalers, has an insane sense of superiority over Ziggy, a Shadysider. Sheila wanted to punish Ziggy for allegedly stealing 10 dollars. She gets a cigarette lighter from Will Goode and starts burning Ziggy's arm. Luckily, camp counselors Nick Goode (Ted Sutherland) and Kurt arrive and stopped Sheila.


Shiela and her friends didn't get any disciplinary sanctions despite being bullies. However, Ziggy decides to get revenge with Nick's help. Pretending to be Will, they sent Sheila a note asking her to come to the outhouse. Sheila has a crush on Will. So without any second thought, she went there. Once inside the outhouse, Ziggy and Nick dump a bucketful of worms and bugs on her. They jammed the door and trapped Sheila in the outhouse. Ziggy and Nick left, satisfied with their vengeance.

Later that night, Tommy (McCabe Slye) got possessed by the devil. He starts a murdering rampage. Ziggy remembers about Sheila and rushes back to the outhouse to free her. She was met by an enraged Sheila, who immediately attacks her. Amid the fight, Ziggy knocks Sheila out. Ziggy then hears her sister Cindy (Emily Rudd) and Alice (Ryan Simpkins) calling from underneath the outhouse which was connected to the tunnel. She and counselor Gary tried to pull them up using a bucket attached to a rope. However, Tommy suddenly arrives and beheaded Gary. He then chases after Ziggy but leaves Sheila behind.

Why did Tommy skipped killing the unconscious Sheila and ran after Ziggy when Sheila could've been an easier target?

The curse only affects the Shadysiders. Tommy did not kill a single Sunnyvaler that night, despite having a lot of chances to do so. Nick was the only Sunnyvaler who got injured, but only because he tries to save Ziggy from Tommy's ax. We did not see Sheila after the outhouse scene. She's probably still unconscious when the bus came and slept through the whole night with no idea of the horrors happening around. Lucky girl. 

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