'Darling In The Franxx' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Darling In The Franxx' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

This Japanese science fiction anime has won multiple hearts and naturally, fans are wondering when they will be getting a second season.

This article was recently reviewed and is up to date as of July 15, 2021

'Darling In The Franxx' or 'Dārin In Za Furankisu' is a Japanese science fiction animated science fiction romance drama produced by CloverWorks. The same company handles the animations. The show was announced at Trigger's Anime Expo 2017 back in July 2017. The international distribution of the anime began at the same time as its domestic release. Here is everything you need to know about the renewal status and other details about the show. 

When Is The Release Date Of The Second Season Of 'Darling In The Franxx'

Darling In The Franxx

Even though the second season of the show has not been confirmed yet, there are a lot of reasons to believe that it will be back. The show premiered back in 2018, and it was a collaboration between Studio Trigger and CloverWorks. After the first season aired, the show received mixed reactions from the audience and the critics, and this mainly stemmed from the finale episode. Because the show will be renewed for a second season pretty soon, most likely, it is going to be a joint venture again. But, before jumping to any sort of conclusion, it is always advisable to wait for an official confirmation. So keep an eye out for this space, as we will update it as soon as anything official breaks. 

What Could Be The Plot Of Season 2?

Darling in the Franxx

Going by how the show ended, the best scenario for season 2 is to start fresh. The show's finale saw Hiro and Zero Two sacrificing their lives to destroy the hive of aliens. Apart from that, the finale also showed the survivors are trying their best to rebuild their world, but the main villain has promised to return one day and has also mentioned creating an even bigger mess. After a thousand years, Hiro and Zero Two are reincarnated, and they meet with each other again. Considering that a second season will happen, it would most likely be a prequel, or it will pick up after the events of the reincarnation of Hiro and Zero Two. 

Is There A Trailer Available?

No trailer for the second season is available yet since the show has not been renewed yet. But keep an eye out for this space, as we will update it as soon as anything official happens. 

Are There Any Spoilers Available For 'Darling In The Franxx' Season 2?

No, no spoiler for the show is available since the show has not been renewed. But don't lose any hopes yet since there is still a chance that the show will be renewed sometime down the line. There have been examples of animes being renewed after a decade's wait. 

Is The Show Dubbed In English?

The English dubbed episodes of the show can be found on Funimation. 

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