'Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody: A 29-year old gaming programmer passed away in his sleep and gets reincarnated as a 15-year old warrior in the gaming world that he created in his past life.

This article was recently reviewed and is up to date as of September 16, 2020.

It's been two years now since the animated version of Hiro Anana's light novel series 'Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody" debuted on television. It is a product of renowned animation studio Silver Link, which is known for animating other projects such as 'Strike the Blood' and 'Kokoro Connect.'

If you're the kind of person who just got into the swing of isekai storylines, be it manga or anime, then Death March would be something to get really really excited about. But if you're like us, you probably won't see anything too different in this series then what has been applied in several other series before it. It’s pretty much the “if you have seen it once, you’ve seen it all” kind of mentality.

Still, if this series fascinates you and you wish to know whether it's getting a sequel to the first season, then we'll be happy to share it with you here in this article.

What’s The Plot Of This Series?

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

Death March originally started out as a web novel that was first published on March 3, 2013, that was subsequently adapted into a manga and an anime series. The manga series was released in December 2014 and the anime series was announced through a wraparound band on the manga's fourth volume that was released on December 10, 2016.

The anime series is directed by Shin Ōnuma with animation done by Silver Link and Connect. It ran for 12 episodes between January 11 to March 29, 2018, on AT-X.

The story of Death March starts with a 29-year-old gaming programmer named Ichiro Suzuki who was supposed to fix a number of technical issues in two MMORPGs for the company that he was working for, before their publication. To correct the bug, he had to work overtime during the weekend. Unfortunately, the stress accumulated from his job took a serious toll on his body, weakening it to the point where he passed away in his sleep.

After that, he suddenly woke up in a parallel world greatly resembling the fantasy RPG games that he was working on in his previous world. Now, he goes by the name of Satou Pendragon in the New World, which is conveniently the nickname he used when he was running beta tests in the old world.

Season 1 Recap (Serious Spoilers Ahead!)

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

From the moment Suzuki restarts his life over in the game that he created in his previous life, it was at the game's start menu. By the time he was wrapping his head around the situation, he was abruptly ambushed by a band of lizard men and was forced to fend them off using three special 'Meteor Rain' attacks on them. But while he was killing the lizards, he also kills a god allowing his stats to shoot up significantly.

Now realizing how dire the situation is, Suzuki sets out to accomplish his objective in the game so he could soon learn to find his way out of it. Now, armed with a slew of the most advanced weapons and magical skills in his arsenal, he sets out to start his journey. During his travels, he encounters and befriends a number of allies including Zina Marienteil, Pochi, Liza, Tama, Arisa, and Lulu.

So When’s Season 2 Coming out?

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

As of right now, there has been no confirmation of renewal for the second season. But this does not automatically suggest that the series has been canceled either since there haven't been any official reports regarding the matter. That's because Silver Link, Connect, as well as other companies that are involved in making the show have yet to comment on the status of the anime series. But this doesn't necessarily mean that there's no chance for the show to return anytime in the future.

In spite of the series revolving around a virtually dried out category in isekai, the series is actually pretty well-received among fans and some critics both in and out of Japan. Due to that, the studio and directors behind the anime wouldn't think of canceling something with considerable demand as Death March.

There's also the fact that the Season 1 finale ended with a major cliffhanger, suggesting that the studio may be looking to continue the story sometime later in the future. This is what still gives fans of the first season hope for the next chapter. Even though we have yet to get an official announcement, there's still some optimism in the community that is keeping the series alive.

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