'Dealer' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Netflix's found-footage crime series left fans asking for more. Will the ganster show return?

'Dealer' Season 2

'Dealer,’ initially titled ‘Caind,’ is the found-footage crime series created by Ange Basterga and Nicolas Lopez. The series is based on the eponymous 2017 film and follows music video directors infiltrating a rough neighborhood to film Tony.

The unpredictable drug leader wants to break into the music world. Everything got worst when they got caught in a bloody gang war. After a thrilling first season, will we see more of Tony and this gangster neighborhood? 

Here's everything we know about 'Dealer' Season 2 so far.

'Dealer' Season 2

When Will 'Dealer' Season 2 Release?

Season 1 of 'Dealer' was released on March 10, 2021. It consists of 10 episodes with a running time of 8-15 minutes each. As of this writing, there have been no official confirmations and announcements about the second season of 'Dealer.'

‘Dealer’ is billed as a miniseries. That means that the creators planned the entire storyline to end after just one season. However, with how well the non-English crime series like ‘Money Heist’ and 'Lupin' have been carried out globally, there is a chance that 'Dealer' season 2 might happen in the future.

We can expect that it would release sometime in late 2024 if the creators will pursue making another installment for 'Dealer.'

'Dealer' Season 2

What Is The Plot Of 'Dealer' Season 2?

In the season 1 finale, the gang war goes up to a dangerous point. All that Franck and Thomas have recorded landed them in trouble.

While Moussa convinced Tony to shoot them, Steve shot Moussa. Steve, Thomas, and Mars got shot. Franck escaped, but he left the camera behind when the battery died.

The police then arrived and arrested Tony along with Steve’s troops.

'Dealer' Season 2

Who Is Cast In 'Dealer' Season 2?

The cast for season 2 will depend on how the storyline goes. We expect to see new cast members if the show runs forward as an anthological series. However, previous cast members can also return to play different characters. There is no official renewal for 'Dealer' season 2 yet, so casting details are still unknown.

Here is the cast list from season 1 in the meantime.

Franck (Sébastien Huubani)

Thomas (Julien Meurice)

Tony (Abdramane Diakite).

Moussa (Mohamed Boudouh

Steve (Idir Azougli), and

MAGS (Abdillah Assoamani).

'Dealer' Season 2

Is There An Official Trailer For 'Dealer' Season 2?

There is no official trailer for 'Dealer' season 2 yet. We are still waiting for Netflix's announcement.

This article was reviewed and is up to date as of August 7, 2023.