Deadpool 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Deadpool 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Deadpool will be returning for a third instalment and here's everything we know so far about it.

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. There isn't any other actor in Hollywood that can put on that beautiful red and black suit. So when Disney bought FOX, we were a little terrified that Disney would make some changes. But, Deadpool will be remaining the same as well as his foul-mouthed shenanigans.

It was confirmed by Ryan Reynolds that Deadpool 3 will be happening and let's explore everything we know so far about it.

When Is The Release Date Of Deadpool 3?


As of right now, we don't have any official release date for Deadpool 3. The merger between Disney and FOX will most definitely cause some delay especially since there was no mention of Deadpool in Marvel's phase 4 announcements in August's Comic-Con. This could mean that Deadpool 3 isn't even being slated to be released for the next few years. This is a terrible thought but there is some hope that Deadpool will be making a couple of cameos in the upcoming phase 4 films. However, even though Deadpool 3 will most likely happen, at the moment there isn't much discussion about it. David Leitch, the director, said in an interview with Uproxx that he hasn't spoken much to Disney about it: "And it's not for my lack of trying. And I also want to give – I'm just giving everybody their time.

"[H]e's such a beloved character and it's such a compelling world people want to go back. And I think they will find a way to do it. But I'm just being patient and let everybody take a breath and see how it works for them in the new Marvel Disney world. And, hopefully, I'll get the call. And that would be cool."

But, the script is currently being written by screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Deadpool 3 will most likely be slated for release among the phase 5 group of films which starts in February 2022.

What Will Be The Plot Of Deadpool 3?


We don't have much information about the plot of Deadpool 3 right now. Ryan Reynolds, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, said "In order for him to function properly within his own universe, you need to take everything away from him. I don't think that you can keep doing that."

This could mean the third film will have some elements of time travel within it as Negasonic Teenage Warhead was fixing Cable's time machine. However, it is unsure how the Deadpool timeline will be merged into the MCU's timeline. It's going to be quite a task but I am confident that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are coming up with something amazing.

In an interview with Den Of Geek, Wernick said: "There's a lot to be sorted out, like how Deadpool fits into the Marvel Universe with the other characters and into the release schedule of the MCU. Then it's, do the X-Men get in there at some point? Fantastic Four? There's a lot to be sorted out."

Who Is In The Cast Of Deadpool 3?


We can expect Ryan Reynolds to return as Deadpool but any of the other cast members have yet to be confirmed. Josh Brolin will most likely return as Cable as well as Zazie Beetz as Domino and Morena Baccarin as Vanessa. We can probably also expect X-Force members like Colossus (Stefan Kapičić), Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna), Russell (Julian Dennison) and Peter (Rob Delaney) to return.

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