Recent Reports Suggest That Deadpool 3 Might Feature A Familiar Villain

Recent Reports Suggest That Deadpool 3 Might Feature A Familiar Villain

Deadpool has become one of the most beloved characters of all time and now the third installment of the movie is set feature a familiar villan.

After the massive success of 'Deadpool' and 'Deadpool 2'  fans and studio executives alike are wondering what might be next for the Mercenary. Even though he is extremely popular with the fans, it doesn't look like he will be getting a third solo movie anytime soon, even though Ryan Reynolds has since confirmed that Deadpool 3 will now happen after all.


After the Disney/Fox merger, even though it is going to be a while before the fans can see Magneto or the Human Torch pop up in the MCU, Disney has made it clear that some form of a Deadpool 3 is going to happen sooner or later and now the fans are slowly learning what's next for this smart-mouthed Mercenary. 


A few inside sources close to We Have Got This Covered has revealed some of the details about Deadpool's first Disney feature and it looks like the movie is going to be MAD. Maybe that's because Marvel is thinking about having Typhoid Mary be one of the primary villains of the movie. 


The antagonist originally appeared in the comics as a Daredevil villain, the alter ego is a skilled assassin who is suffering from an array of mental illnessess and split personalities. This particular character might also seem familiar because this will be the third time Typhoid Mary has been brought to life on the screen. In 2005, she was originally portrayed by model Natassia Malthe in 'Elektra' where she was just known as 'Typhoid'. 


This version of the character could breathe poison and this particular character is just known for one terribly awkward kissing scene with Jennifer Garner. Last year, this character again appeared in the second season of 'Iron Fist', but this show was not watched by too many people. The character was portrayed by Frank Alice and it was the first attempt at introducing the character into the MCU. It felt like a complete waste as it lacked any trademark mutant abilities. 


Her character arc was left open for her to come back later, but the series was canceled later and it looks like Marvel is looking to completely revamp Typhoid Mary from scratch. While it is certain that 'Deadpool 3' is happening, it is still not known yet how Disney will first introduce the character into the MCU. Some say it will be through a third standalone movie, the second guess is a Wolverine/Spider-Man team-up flick, and the third being a Disney Plus streaming show. It has also been reported that Marvel Studios are interested in putting a fresh spin on this antihero and we know that they won't stray too far away from the source since Ryan Reynolds is still involved

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