Dead To Me Has Been Officially Renewed By Netflix For Season 2

Dead To Me Has Been Officially Renewed By Netflix For Season 2

Dead to Me on Netflix was crazy, messy, complex comedic gold and I personally loved every second of it. And now the second season of crazy is confirmed.

According to Deadline, Netflix has stated during the Dead to Me FYSEE panel in Los Angeles that the show will be getting a second season. This news came as a relief to many fans who felt that season one ended on a huge cliffhanger and who honestly can't get enough of the series. Christina Applegate who plays Jen Harding and Linda Cadelina who plays Judy Hale have an absolutely magnetic onscreen chemistry that draws you in from beginning to end in the most relatable ways.

The series was created by Liz Feldman (2 Broke Girls) and honestly has no regard for realism or tempering dramatics. Dead to Me follows Jen who is played by Applegate as she mourns the loss of her husband who was killed in a hit and run. She eventually encounters a free-spirited Judy (Cardellini) who also claims to have suffered a loss at a support group for mourners.  The two women, who are basically polar opposites bond over there losses and become unlikely amigas. However, the movie's dark twist is that Judy has a secret that she needs to keep at all cost or risk losing everything.


The cast includes names like Ed Asner, James Marsden, and Brandon Scott and debuted on May 3 to become Netflix's number 1 show in the United Kingdom. Executive producers for season two include Jessica Elbaum of Gloria Sanchez Productions, Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Christie Smith, and Christina Applegate. Another executive producer is Feldman who will also act as the showrunner for season 2.

Spoiler Alert!

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What Do We Expect from Dead to Me Season 2  

The conundrum that has plagued season one has all but been resolved and with everything out in the open one might ask themselves what will season 2 hold?  We are definitely hoping more emotional wine-fueled conversations between Judy and Jen. However, after the pair murdered a widely detested character at the end of the first season we can expect the dynamics of their relationship to shift drastically since no one will be able to wear the proverbial white hat. The pair now share a deadly secrete instead of Judy being the one to hold all the shame and self-hate and secrets.

We definitely are excited to see how season 2 progresses because if there is one thing we can expect from Dead to Me is to expect the unexpected.

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