Disney+'s 'Daredevil' Ending Explained: The Trio Is Back

Following a blind lawyer who is a vigilante by night, 'Daredevil' tells the story of a city under attack by a system that has failed both him and magnate Wilson Fisk.

Cover Image Source: IMDb

One of the best marvel shows Daredevil had somewhat of a cliffhanger ending with a lot of questions left for the next season. Sadly, Netflix decided to cancel the show just when we had a showdown between Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox). In the third season, Wilson Fisk is back and he has three things to do, get out of jail, marry Vanessa (Ayelet Zurer) and restore Hell’s Kitchen to its prime. This proves difficult because his vision for a better Hell’s Kitchen goes against what Matt Murdock believes in when it comes to his neighborhood. 


In an attempt to form connections, Fisk decides to recruit the FBI Agent, Ray Nadeem (Jay Ali). Additionally, Agent Benjamin Pointdexter aka Dex (Wilson Bethel) also started working for Wilson Fisk after he found out that the woman he loved had been killed. He quite understandably didn’t reveal that he was the one who killed her in the first place. After committing several crimes for Fisk and covering up the ones that may implicate him, Nadeem is killed and his last dying gift is a confession that details all the crimes Wilson Fisk has committed in the city. On Vanessa’s command, he is eliminated making the confession admissible in court, a piece of information Foggy Nelson (Elden Hansen) banks on. 


Whatever allure Wilson Fisk had on Hell’s Kitchen is now crumbling because all his viciousness has been revealed and just when he feels like he can escape with Vanessa, he is met with Daredevil who brings Matt Murdock along with him. They fight and Daredevil gives him an ultimatum, he can either walk himself to jail in peace or Daredevil will find Vanessa and make her life miserable. In defeat, Wilson Fisk voluntarily (albeit very reluctantly) takes himself to prison. Agent Pointdexter didn’t help with Daredevil’s reputation, dressing up as him and tormenting citizens of Hell’s Kitchen will do that. In the end, the showdown between the two characters led to Agent Dex having his back broken


However, this isn’t the end for Dex, folks. In the post-credits scene, we see the man face down on an operating table, his spine exposed for the audience to see while doctors make sure he is whole again. The camera then cuts to his face showing him opening his eyes dramatically. In the comics, Agent Dex is Bullseye (his impeccable aim would have definitely given that away), after having his back broken, he is sent to be treated where Adamantium (the Wolverine metal) was implanted in his back. This surgical procedure is the birth of Bullseye. If there were a fourth season, it would have been brilliant to see this villain in the next season.


Funnily enough, there was closure for the friends, Nelson, Murdock, and Karen Page (Debora Ann Woll) who have now rebuilt their law firm to include Karen too. The friends will now solve crimes while Nelson and Murdock defend their clients. The growth of each of the characters has led them back to each other. Possibly through She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, Echo and the new Daredevil: Born Again show, we could see the trio in their element. With Kingpin’s appearance in Hawkeye, the speculation as to how he escaped and what he would do once he’s out has led many people to believe that the new Daredevil show will definitely explore the Fisk-Murdock dynamic even further. 


Additionally, with there already source material for the Daredevil: Born Again show, it could definitely dip into the story of Matt Murdock’s descent into insanity and Kingpin’s ascent into a position above Murdock who is really destitute now. The trio dynamic broken and things out of control, the story is rich with character dynamics. 

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