D.P. Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Will D.P. return to Netflix with a third season? Let's explore the possibilities.

D.P. Season 3

"D.P.," which stands for Deserter Pursuit, is a South Korean Netflix Original crime-drama series that has taken the streaming world by storm. Directed by Han Jun Hee and based on the webtoon "D.P. Dog Day" by Kim Bo Tong, this show has garnered immense popularity, partly due to the webtoon author's involvement as a co-writer of the screenplay.

The storyline follows a young private's assignment to capture army deserters, uncovering the harsh realities endured by each enlistee during their compulsory military service. The show has struck a chord with viewers, resonating with its exploration of the challenges faced by these individuals.

Has "D.P." Been Renewed For Season 3?

Netflix has not officially renewed the series for a third season, leaving fans eagerly awaiting news on the show's fate.

Despite this uncertainty, there are promising indicators that suggest a renewal may be on the horizon. "D.P." Season 2 has been performing exceptionally well, claiming a spot in the global top ten on Netflix for two weeks and amassing an impressive 5.7 million views. This already outpaces the first season's performance in the same timeframe.

The logical assumption would be that a successful second season would pave the way for a third. However, streaming platforms are known for their unpredictability, and factors beyond viewership numbers could influence their decisions.

In an interview with the Maeil Business Newspaper, director Han Jun Hee expressed his optimism regarding a potential third season. While he remains hopeful, he admitted that he hasn't delved into the storylines for this hypothetical season yet. This is an encouraging sign for fans who long for more of the compelling narrative that "D.P." has delivered so far.


Why "D.P." Deserves a Third Season

The second season of "D.P." left fans with a taste of what could come next. With its intense exploration of Jun-ho's inner struggle and the impactful choices made by key characters, there's a clear path for the story to continue.

Throughout the season, Jun-ho grapples with his ability to aid those who have deserted from military service. His actions lead to significant changes within the Korean military, but they also put him at risk of arrest. His mentor, Beom-gu, shoulders the consequences of their actions, adding an emotional layer to the series.

As Ha-yeol's military service ends, Jun-ho finds himself without a partner, but their promise to meet again hints at untold stories. The chance encounter with a former military bully, Jang-soo, raises questions about the enduring impact of their military experiences.

What Could Be The Plot Of "D.P." Season 3?

If "D.P." does receive a green light for a third season, what can viewers expect? The stage is set for a thrilling conclusion, with only 364 days left of Jun-ho's military service. The fallout from the trials, Beom-gu's sacrifice, and Jun-ho's discharge are all narratives that beg to be explored.

The third season may be the climax of this K-drama, providing closure to characters and storylines while delivering the same intense drama that fans have grown to love. Will Jun-ho find a resolution for his inner turmoil? Will justice be served, or will sacrifices be in vain? These are questions that could be answered in a potential third installment.

When Is The Release Date Of "D.P." Season 3?

As we eagerly await news of a third season, it's worth noting that there was a two-year gap between the first and second seasons of "D.P." If this pattern continues, fans might need to exercise patience until July 2025 for the next chapter of this gripping series.

Conclusion: Hope on the Horizon


While "D.P." Season 3 remains possible, the show's dedicated fanbase has reason to be hopeful. The success of Season 2 and the director's optimism suggest that there are more stories to be told in this captivating universe.

As we wait for Netflix's official announcement, fans can only imagine the exciting directions in which "D.P." Season 3 could take us. Until then, let's keep our fingers crossed and our anticipation high for what promises to be an unforgettable continuation of this K-drama masterpiece.