10 Critics' Reactions To Convince You To Watch Jordan Peele's 'Nope'

Peele has been lauded for making horror-thriller films like 'Get Out' and 'Us', this is slated to be his 'most ambitious film' ever.

Cover Image Source: IMDb

Jordan Peele is known for making films that will leave audiences shocked and minds blown as he incites thrill in his audiences. However, for the film Nope, he moves a little away from the horror genre and sets his sights on sci-fi. Reactions to the film are pouring in and they are glorious. Even though this was considered to be one of Peele’s most ambitious films, it has become a treasure trove for critics to set their eyes on. 

So here are 10 critics' reactions that will convince you to drop everything and watch Nope in theatres when it releases (which is July 22, 2022). 

1. Collider’s Editor in chief Steven Weintraub

Weintraub takes to his Twitter to laud the plot without spoiling anything and to laud the cinematography of the movie emphasizing the IMAX experience. 


2. PEOPLE’s senior news editor Nigel Smith

Smith was impressed with the film's ability to scare him to never look at the sky again while telling him an exciting story. 


3. Huffington Post senior cultural reporter Candice Frederick

Frederick was left speechless and brewing with the film, still in her head about it. And that reaction just means that Jordan Peele’s magic has worked. 


4. Film & TV Journalist Simon Thompson

Thompson agrees with the fact that it’s an ambitious and confident film, however, he stands on the cusp of agreeing with it and also teasing the fans to go watch the film in theatres. 


5. Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes interviewer Eric Davis

Davis notes how the film completely deviates from the legacy of Get Out and Us and sets its own tone. He also applauds Keke Palmer’s performance in the film as ‘unforgettable.’


6. Yahoo Entertainment Correspondent Kevin Polowy

Polowy also joins the group of separating Nope from Peele’s previous work and cautions people to watch the film with an open mind, citing Spielberg as a sci-fi comparison. 


7. Critic Shannon McGrew

McGrew struggles to categorize the film but cements that it is otherworldly. Lauding Peele, she also calls it a jaw-dropping film.


8. Editor and Critic Ernest Owens

Owens commands his followers to run to the theatre to watch the film and tells viewers of the unimaginable achieved by director Jordan Peele. He too jumps on the bandwagon of the Keke Palmer fan club for this performance.


9. Hollywood Critics Association member Scott Menzel

You cannot have all sugar and no spice, Menzel takes his turn to remind audiences that while it is an ambitious film, it doesn’t deliver on its ambition. Being excited about this led to a disappointment he didn’t see coming

10. CNN Entertainment Business Reporter Frank Pallotta

Calling it a ‘spectacle about the horrors of spectacle’, Pallotta hypes audiences by citing Hitchcock and applauding the performances of the cast, especially Daniel Kaluuya. 


Nope out in theatres on July 22, 2022.