'Creature' Ending Explained

"Creature" explores a quest for immortality through Ziya and Professor Ihsan's journey. Tragedy ensues as they seek to resurrect the dead, revealing life's transient nature.

Creature Ending Explained

The intriguing tale of "Creature" takes us back to an era where myths and legends held sway over society, and the boundaries between science and fiction were blurred. The story centers around a young boy named Ziya, driven by an insatiable curiosity to uncover the mysteries of life and death. His journey begins with the discovery of a forbidden book, the "Book of Resurrection," igniting a fascination that would lead him down a perilous path.

The Mysterious Professor Ihsan

Ziya's insatiable curiosity and passion for discovery were evident from a young age. His father, Muzaffer, recognized these traits and the potential for greatness in his son. However, he also understood the dangers of relentless pursuit and the possibility of straying into dark territory. "Creature" presents a world where myths are believed more than science, but Ziya straddles the line, acknowledging that some myths may hold grains of truth.

Ziya's obsession with the "Book of Resurrection" consumed him, offering the possibility of reviving the dead. Even as a man of science, he couldn't dismiss this idea as a mere hoax. When Asiye entered his life, she understood his passion for exploration and discovery. While she supported his dreams, she cautioned him not to lose sight of his ethics.

Ziya's journey took him to Istanbul, where he hoped to further his education. However, his early days in the city were marred by robbery and conflicts at school, leading him to believe that medical school would stifle his desire for research. It was during this time that he encountered the mysterious Professor Ihsan, who had a controversial reputation, having been ousted from medical school due to his unorthodox teaching methods.

Working in Hamid's shop, Ziya began investigating Professor Ihsan, convinced that there was more to this eccentric figure than met the eye. One fateful day, Ziya concocted a clever ruse about bubonic plague to gain access to Ihsan's home. Little did he know that this visit would unravel the astonishing truth: Ihsan possessed a copy of the "Book of Resurrection" and had constructed a machine capable of bringing the dead back to life.

Ziya's mission shifted from uncovering Ihsan's secrets to convincing the professor to join forces and conduct the resurrection experiment on a human, not an animal.


The Quest to Resurrect Ihsan: A Divergence of Desires

Ihsan, however, was reluctant to collaborate with Ziya. The intensity of Ziya's obsession unnerved him, and he no longer sought recognition or fame. Despite their shared desire for exploration, Ihsan lacked Ziya's unwavering fervor and wasn't willing to compromise his principles. Ziya's determination pushed Ihsan into reluctantly agreeing, fearing the loss of knowledge about the "Book of Resurrection."

Together, they embarked on an experiment using a fresh corpse, with Ziya leaving to obtain necessary materials. Tragedy struck when lightning set Ihsan's house ablaze, and the professor perished. Remarkably, the machine remained unharmed, and Ziya, driven by desperation, succeeded in resurrecting Professor Ihsan. Yet, the reanimated Ihsan bore no resemblance to the man he once was, lacking the ability to speak, remember, or understand. Ziya was left in a dilemma, eventually fleeing Istanbul, leaving Ihsan behind.

From Outcast to Family: Ihsan's Journey with the Circus

Ihsan's path took a surprising turn when he found solace among the misfits of a circus, led by a man named Vasili. In this peculiar group, outcasts celebrated their differences and reveled in the audience's ridicule. Ihsan, the "ghoul" who emerged from his tragic fate, was embraced by the circus members. Love and acceptance healed him, gradually restoring his voice and memory.

However, tragedy struck when local authorities threatened the circus troupe, leading Ihsan to flee once more, leaving behind the family that had accepted him.

A Ray of Hope in the Darkest Hour: Esma and Ihsan's Connection

Ihsan's life took an unexpected turn when he found refuge in an old woman's barn, sheltering a pregnant woman named Esma. Esma, bearing scars of her own suffering, accepted Ihsan into her life. Their unconventional connection, built on mutual understanding and acceptance, became a beacon of hope in Ihsan's otherwise bleak existence.

Ziya, on the other hand, returned home, abandoning his medical studies to marry Asiye and pursue a new life. Little did he know that a storm was brewing on the horizon, threatening to shatter his dreams.

Esma's family, seeking revenge for her perceived transgressions, found her and took her life before Ihsan could intervene. Filled with grief, Ihsan realized that Ziya held the key to their quest for resurrection. He sought out Ziya, making an ominous deal with Asiye to secure his cooperation.

Their journey led them through treacherous snowy mountains, where they encountered a group of treasure-seeking tribesmen. As Ziya's health deteriorated, Ihsan left him with the tribesmen, eventually delivering treasure to them in gratitude. However, an unfortunate crossfire incident claimed Ziya's life, and Ihsan could not resurrect him or Esma.

A Fateful Conclusion: The End of the Quest

The tale of "Creature" reached its conclusion as Ihsan, holding Ziya's lifeless body, succumbed to the harsh wilderness. Asiye received Ziya's letter, urging her to find happiness in his absence. Captain Omer, the tribesmen's leader, distributed the gold coins as Ziya had requested and recorded their incredible story.

As the story concludes, it leaves us pondering the quest for immortality and the cost of unraveling the universe's mysteries. While Ziya and Ihsan strived to conquer death, their journey ultimately led to their own demise. For Muzaffer, Asiye, and all who witnessed their quest, the lesson was clear: immortality is not a blessing but a curse, and the pursuit of it can exact a heavy toll on one's life.

The story of "Creature" serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us that the greatest discoveries may come at the highest price, and the true essence of life lies in embracing its impermanence.