Courteney Cox On What Finally Convinced Her To Sell Her Haunted LA Home

The actor didn't believe in ghosts until one encounter that changed her mind.

Courteney Cox attends premiere of STARZ "Shining Vale" - red carpet at TCL Chinese Theatre on February 28, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Courteney Cox didn't really care about ghosts even after she moved into a haunted house in LA. That is until she encountered something spooky herself! The 57-year-old explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she wasn't too concerned about the house's creepy history. "I didn’t believe at first. But I lived in this house in Laurel Canyon, which is in LA, obviously, and it was Gypsy Rose Lee’s house and Carole King," she explained. After she moved in, King had stopped by to share details about the house and what had happened earlier. 


"She said that there had been a divorce that was really ugly, and there was a ghost in the house. And I was, like, yeah, whatever," Cox said. The Shining Vale star continued, "But other people who would stay there with me, like friends of mine, said they felt an encounter with a woman who was sitting on the edge of the bed." Even though she said it didn't bother her too much, she still ended up holding a seance at the home with King. It didn't work out but the final straw that led to Cox moving out and selling her home involved a UPS guy. "I was at the house one day not being a believer. The doorbell rang. It was a UPS guy or something, and I opened the door, and he said, 'Do you know this house is haunted?'" Cox shared. She went on, "And I go, ‘Yeah, why? Why do you think that?’ And he goes, ‘Because there is someone standing behind you.’ And I was like, ‘Let’s sell.’” The Friends star couldn't sleep in the house alone anymore and decided it was finally time to put it on the market.


Cox is currently starring in the new Starz horror-comedy series Shining Vale. “Such a dramatic role that also was comedic was a balance that I hadn’t played in quite this way,” Cox said at the series premiere at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, according to Variety. “It’s a part that I’m just not used to being able to challenge, and it got me really excited about acting again.” “I knew I wanted to be a part of it because of the creators,” said Cox. The series was conceived by co-creators Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe) and former Friends writer Jeff Astrof as a comedic riff on The Shining where Cox plays an erotic novelist. “I just know how talented they both are, and then I read it. And I just love the way within 30 minutes, there’s so many things to play and what she’s going through: having a teenage daughter, trying to get her family back together, going through this writer’s block – she feels just really unhappy and purposeless. It resonated, the fact that she’s depressed.”