Country Star Morgan Wallen’s Racial Slur Causes Many Music Platforms To Shelve Him

Country Star Morgan Wallen’s Racial Slur Causes Many Music Platforms To Shelve Him

The 27-year-old's new album, “Dangerous: The Double Album,” has been No. 1 for four weeks.

Morgan Wallen, country music’s biggest new star is facing backlash after a video of him dropping the n-word emerged last Tuesday. Many music platforms are dropping his music and even country artists are slamming him. According to TMZ Big Loud, an independent label based in Nashville said, "In the wake of recent events, Big Loud Records has made the decision to suspend Morgan Wallen’s contract indefinitely." Republic Records, which distributes his music, is also on board as "such behavior will not be tolerated." CMT (Country Music Television) will also be removing any appearances or performances of the singer's on their platform.


The video, posted on TMZ Tuesday night, was reportedly recorded by Wallen’s neighbors. The video apparently shows the 27-year-old artist yelling profanities after a night out in Nashville. One of the profanities was the N-word, reports Variety. According to the outlet, his music has been pulled from the "top radio chains, including Cumulus Media, iHeartRadio and Entercom, the cable network CMT, the satellite service SiriusXM and the streaming service Pandora, as well as being removed from any visible spots on DSPs like Spotify and Apple Music." Variety reports that his recent album “Dangerous: The Double Album,” has been No. 1 in the country for four weeks and even stayed on at least two official multi-artist Spotify playlists. Now he's been taken off Spotify as well.


Mickey Guyton, one of the few, well-known Black singers in the genre, wrote in a series of tweets: When I read comments saying “this is not who we are” I laugh because this is exactly who country music is. I’ve witnessed it for 10 gd years. You guys should just read some of the vile comments hurled at me on a daily basis. It’s a cold hard truth to face but it is the truth. I question on a daily basis as to why I continue to fight to be in an industry that seems to hate me so much. But then I realize there is a new artist of color, all bright eyed and excited to be in this industry. This artist might not have the strength to fight for themselves. But I do. And I will be that artists warrior as they pursue their dream of singing country music because their dreams are valid too. She added: And lastly, I do not believe in cancel culture. Watching anyone fall from grace is a terrible thing to see. People must all be given a chance to change. Morgan must feel the weight of his words but completely throwing someone away is detrimental to anyone’s mental health.


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