'Country Queen' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

At the time of penning this article no details have been revealed, however here are some details we have gathered.

Country Queen Season 2

Country Queen is the first Netflix series developed in Kenya. It premiered on the streaming site in July. As soon as it was aired, the show made history and now fans are concerned about its renewal. The amount of information related to this how is very limited for now, however, we have culled some information, and here's everything we know so far about the next season. 

Has Country Queen Been Renewed For Season 2?

At the time of penning this article, no details have been revealed from Netflix's side. But we know that Netflix has increased funding in Kenyan media to show the real issues and elevate the country's image. Hence, the future of the show definitely seems positive. Netflix is known for taking a few months before they reveal the renewal status of any show, hence it's too early to say anything regarding its second season. 

What is the Plot of Country Queen?


The first season of the show follows the journey of Akisa Musyoka, an event planner based in Nairobi who defies the limitations imposed by a patriarchal society. She leads a double life due to her circumstances, as capitalism has ravaged the village she calls home and caused harm to those living there. Along with her dire situation, Akisa must also confront her past traumas, which constantly resurface to trouble her. The season culminates in a way that feels like a satisfying conclusion, yet leaves room for potential storylines in future seasons. Ultimately, the decision to continue the show rests with Netflix, and we hope that they will honor the wishes of fans.

What Can We Expect from Country Queen Season 2?

The official synopsis of the show reads, 

A Nairobi event planner returns to her village after 10 years, where she confronts her past — and a mining company that threatens to destroy her home. Set in contemporary Kenya, it is a family drama series that tells the story of ordinary Kenyans fighting against a corporate power that threatens to destroy their homes and lives.

We saw how Akisa went to her father's grave and she is still sort of depressed, anxious, and confused about his actions. The first part did leave some questions unanswered, fans desperately want to know what happened with the relationship between Kyla and Anna. 

Who is in the Cast of Country Queen?


The cast includes Melissa Kiplagat, Melvin Alusa, Nini Wacera, Blessing Lung'aho, Sheila Munyiva, Raymond Ofula, Mumbi Kaigwa, Muthoni Gathecha, Eddy Kimani, Abu Sensei, Nice Githinji, Joel Othukho, Oliver Litondo, and Brian Kisau. 

Is There an Official Trailer for the Show?

The second season of the show has not seen any trailer release as of now. There is no official confirmation whether the show will be renewed. However, here's the official trailer for the show's first season. 


This article was reviewed and is up to date as of August 29th, 2023.