'Country Comfort' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Country Comfort' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Will we see more of Bailey and the Haywoods family band?

'Country Comfort' is like Netflix's modern take on 'The Sound of Music.'The series stars Katharine McPhee as Bailey, a country singer who is kicked out of the band by her boyfriend and ends up becoming a nanny to Beau's five children.

Although Bailey isn't a nun, the Netflix comedy series bears striking resemblance to the 1965 classic film. Both Maria and Bailey become surrogate mothers to many children, develop a romance with the widower boss, and eventually sings plenty of songs throughout.

Unlike most Netflix shows, 'Country Comfort' didn't really end in a big cliffhanger. The story wraps up warmly but still left plenty of avenues that could be a good starting point for another season.

Let us find out if the series is coming back for more. Here's everything we know about 'Country Comfort' season 2. 

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Has 'Country Comfort' Been Renewed For Season 2?

Renewal Status: Pending

'Country Comfort' is not yet renewed for season 2. The series premiered on Netflix on March 19, 2021. It's been a little over a month since the show premiered on Netflix, so it's still considered a little early for renewal. 

Albeit, we are a little worried about the show's season one performance. 'Country Comfort' failed to enter the top 10 in all the regions that carry Netflix.

We know how important viewership is to Netflix when it comes to deciding whether to renew a show or not. Netflix often takes a look at a show's performance during its first 30 days on the platform. With low numbers and a definitive ending, the future doesn't look so good for the show.

Nonetheless, we are still hoping that 'Country Comfort' will get a second chance.

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When Will 'Country Comfort' Season 2 Release?

We are still waiting for Netflix to renew 'Country Comfort' for season 2, so we can not yet give you a release date. We will keep an eye on future announcements and update this article immediately. 

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What Is The Plot Of 'Country Comfort' Season 2?

If the series gets renewed for a new season, we are expecting it to pick up where the first season ended and continue to follow Bailey's journey.

Against all odds, Bailey managed to perform in the competition, singing "Bless the Broken Road” together with four of Beau’s children.

We are expecting season 2 to reveal whether Bailey won the competition or not. Nonetheless, we know this is just the start of Bailey's adventures together with Beau’s children. Now that Boone is gone, Beau’s children are most likely to become the permanent bandmates of Bailey.

Bailey and Beau are likely to develop their feelings for each other, despite the presence of Beau's irritating girlfriend, Summer.

The children clearly don't like Summer and would be happier if their father ends up with Bailey. Summer is intent on marrying Beau, but her constant pressure might end up pushing him away.

Another possible romance might blossom in the new season after Tuck revealed to Jo that his brother Brody likes her. 

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Who Are In The Cast Of 'Country Comfort' Season 2?

If the show gets renewed for season 2, we are expecting the following series regulars to return:

Katharine McPhee will reprise her role as Bailey, the country singer who takes a job as a nanny.

Eddie Cibrian will likely return as Beau, together with his children Tuck(Ricardo Hurtado), Brody (Jamie Martin Mann), Dylan (Griffin McIntyre), Cassidy (Shiloh Verrico), and Chloe (Pyper Braun).

Janet Varney will also likely return as Summer, Beau's girlfriend.

Is There An Official Trailer For 'Country Comfort' Season 2?

We are still waiting for Netflix to renew, 'Country Comfort' for season 2, so there is no official trailer yet. Let us enjoy the season 1 trailer in the meantime. We will update this article once 'Country Comfort' gets renewed for a new season.

Haven't seen 'Country Comfort' yet? Head over to Netflix to see the complete episodes. 


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