Copycat Killer Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Taiwanese crime drama Copycat Killer had an impressive debut on Netflix. Are we going to get a second season.

Copycat Killer Season 2

The Taiwanese are making waves on Netflix with the brand new crime drama "Copycat Killer". It premiered on March 31st, 2023 and was written by Miyuki Miyabe, and directed by Henri Chang, and Jung-chi Chang. After its successful first season, the next question on everyone's mind is whether we are going to get a second season. Let's explore.

Are We Getting Copycat Killer Season 2?

Netflix has yet to renew Copycat Killer for season 2. It is quite soon for a decision by the Netflix execs. But the possibility of a second season is highly likely considering the show's performance. Within the show's first week it made it to the top 10 list in over 19 countries including Japan, Indonesia, UAE, and Greece. The show has been doing well in Asia, however, it's been lagging behind in English speaking countries. This is a live article and will be updated as new information comes our way. Stay tuned.

What Is The Plot Of Copycat Killer?

What Is Copycat Killer About?
What Is Copycat Killer About?

The Copycat Killer is a Taiwanese crime drama. It follows a serial killer who takes advantage of all the media attention that their murders have been getting, manipulating their victims, police and the media, turning the murders into a spectacle mediatic.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Copycat Killer Season 2?

The second season has not been confirmed yet so we can't say who will return for the next season. We can expect some of the cast of the first season to return.

Chris Wu as Hsiao-Chi Kuo

Jack Yao as He Ping (for potential flashbacks)

Cammy Chiang as Yen-Jhen Lu

Yan-Hsi Hou as Da-Chao Jhang

Chia Yen Ko as Yun-Huei Hu

Tsung-Hua Tou as Shang-Yong Lin

Ally Chiu as Yu Tong Lin.

When Will Copycat Killer Season 2 Be Released?

Copycat Killer has not been renewed for season 2 so we don't have an official release date right now. This is a live article and it will be updated as new information comes out way.

Is There A Trailer For Copycat Killer Season 2?

At the moment we don't have a trailer for Copycat Killer Season 2. For now, you can enjoy the trailer for the first season.


Is There A Poster For Copycat Killer Season 2?

There is no poster for Copycat Killer Season 2 yet. You can enjoy the poster for the first season.

Copycat Killer Poster
Copycat Killer Poster