'Confessions of an Invisible Girl': Ending Explained

'Confessions of an Invisible Girl': Ending Explained

Netflix's cliché romantic drama film gets a cliché ending. Who did the nerdy Tête end up with?

If classic clichés don't bother you, then Netflix's 'Confessions of an Invisible Girl,' might just be a great addition to your watch list. The Brazilian rom-com film is written and directed by Bruno Garotti. 

The film contains all the classic clichés in teenage romantic cinematic history. There's a nerdy girl with glasses, who is having a hard time adjusting at school. A popular girl who also happens to be very mean constantly bullies her. The nerdy girl gets attracted to a hot guy, who also happens to be the mean girl's boyfriend. Throw in a couple of nerdy-beautiful transformation scenes and voila! You got another cliché flick.

But the thing with clichés is that their predictability can sometimes bring a comforting thought that everything will happen just the way we expected. There are no unpredicted dramas that might leave us anxious or upset.

So, what happened with our nerdy protagonist? Did she get the man of her dreams? Brace yourselves for spoilers. Here is everything that happened in Netflix's 'Confessions of an Invisible Girl.'

'Confessions of an Invisible Girl

'Confessions of an Invisible Girl' Synopsis and Ending Explained

A 15 year-old girl named Teanira "Tete" de Oliveira resides with her parents in Barra da Tijuca, a village in Rio. Tetê has no friends at school due to her socially awkward habits. She likes to call herself invisible. 

However, Gustavo Sampaio, a good-looking young guy, makes friends with Tetê. In return, Tetê's helped him with his studies. The two grow closer and Tetê falls in love with Gustavo. When Tetê almost kissed him, Gustavo said that he is only befriending her to get good grades. Tetê is heartbroken. 

She comes home only to get greeted with another bad news. Her family sells their apartment because her dad loses his job. They must now live with her grandparents in Copacabana.

Tetê's grandmother ridiculed her unsocial behavior and hair on her body. She advises her to go out and make friends in school.

Aside from being socially awkward, Tetê also suffers from hyperhidrosis. It's a condition that causes her to sweat excessively.

She doesn't want to be embarrassed again because of her sweating problems. So, she decides to be alone. Later, she makes friends with Davi Araujo, a nerdy boy who also lives with his grandparents.

Tetê gets fascinated by a hot cute boy, Erick Goulart. However, she discovered that Erick is dating Valentina Castro, the most popular girl in school with a real mean girl attitude. 

Fortunately, Tête finally makes some pals in school. But, the bully Valentina hates Tête and tries to make her life miserable. How will Tête cope with the bully in her new school?

'Confessions of an Invisible Girl

Torn Between Two Lovers

While in a Biology class, the teacher asks the students to form a group of four. Davi, Zeca, and Tête immediately agreed to be in the same group. 

Unfortunately, they lack one more person. Erick, Tête's crush, stepped in and requested Tête to let him join them. Tête saw an opportunity to get close to Erick and so she accepts his request. Eventually, the loser friends get to hang out with Erick's friends; Valentina and Lais.

Lais's birthday party is coming, the poor Tête had never been into any before, and she was desperate to be invited. Tête used her wit and used Erick to get an invitation to Lais' birthday party. The event started and Tête's friend, Davi, brought his older brother with him, Dudu. 

Dudu is a fine young man, too. Tête can't help but admire him as well.

Tête runs into Valentina at the party and ends up getting bullied again. Tête felt wrecked and left.

Valentina and Erick broke up, and Tête thinks she finally has a chance to pursue her crush. She kissed him after his musical rehearsals.  

However, another girl confessed to Tête that she had also kissed Erick at Lais' birthday party. Tête knew that Erick is not who he pretends to be. He is nothing but a douchebag and a womanizer.

Tête decides to cut her feelings for Erick. Now that Erick is gone in the picture, Tête must focus on her other crush-- Dudu.

Sadly, Dudu's grandfather passed away, and Tête goes after Dudu to help him cope with his loss. However, Dudu's ex-lover, Ingrid, also comes and comforts him. Emotional Tête thought she had lost both of the guys.

'Confessions of an Invisible Girl

'Confessions of an Invisible' Girl Ending Explained: Did Tête And Dudu End Up Together?

Tête's parents couldn't afford the new school she went to. They have to move out of her grandparent's house and rent a low-priced apartment in Flamengo. After hearing the news, Tête is sad because she does not want to go to a new school and lose her friends again. Luckily, there were few options at her disposal.

During her presentation for her biology project, Tête accidentally played a video of Valentina at Lais' birthday party. Valentina insulted her classmates and proudly boasted of her excellence. Her words made the people in class very furious.

Valentina blamed Tête for framing and recording her without permission. The mean girl is so angry, she attacked Tête and broke her glasses.

'Confessions of an Invisible Girl

'Confessions of an Invisible Girl': Who Recorded The Video?

Later, the principal asked Tête to bring her parents the following day. She begged and told the principal that she was not responsible for recording the video. She also did not play it intentionally. Tête knows that things will be bad for her if her parents find out about what happened. They will surely transfer her to another school. Tête reviewed all the videos from the party to find out who was responsible.

The next day, Tête informed everyone that Lais' mother unintentionally recorded the video. Lais planted it on Tête's project drive to intentionally humiliate and take revenge on Valentina. Tête investigated and found out that Lais' real name was Lais Carolina Ribeiro. 

She and Valentina used to go to the same kindergarten where she bullied Lais because of her weight and nose. 

Lais got very depressed. Her parents decided to move to Rio de Janeiro, away from the bully, to protect Lais' mental health. With her mother's support, Lais lost weight, got a nose job, and grew up to be a beautiful lady in over eight years. However, she couldn't help but expose the toxic Valentina when she saw the recorded video.

Unsurprisingly, 'Confessions of an Invisible Girl' gets a cliché happy ending.

Valentina finally realizes her mistakes and asked for forgiveness. The teenage classmates accepted Valentina when she apologized to Tête and Lais for her toxic personality.

Meanwhile, Tête gets to stay at the school for her impressive academic performance. 

The misunderstanding between Tête and Dudu cleared after he explained to Tête that his ex, Ingrid, was nothing but just a good friend. In the end, Tête dated Dudu, while Erick got along with Samantha (the girl who kissed Erick and confessed to Tête).

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