Comedy Sci-Fi Film 'Dual' Ending Explained: What Actually Happened In The Dual Duel?s

Comedy Sci-Fi Film 'Dual' Ending Explained: What Actually Happened In The Dual Duel?

The film stars Karen Gillian who is well-known for playing Amy Pond, companion to the Eleventh Doctor in the 'Doctor Who' series.

Dual (2022)

Dual is a satirical sci-fi thriller comedy film that initially premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2022. It was later released in the United States on April 15, 2022, by RLJE Films. The film was written, directed, and produced by Riley Stearns (The Art of Self-Defence).

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The film follows the story of a woman, Sarah, who unexpectedly recovers from a terminal illness but is then left to fight a clone of herself to death. The film received mostly positive reviews, praising Stearns' writing style and the jokes delivered in a deadpan style that landed well thanks to Karen Gillan who starred as Sarah and her double. Gillian is well-known for playing Amy Pond, companion to the Eleventh Doctor in the Doctor Who series. The film also stars Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Theo James (Divergent), and Beulah Koale (Hawaii Five-0).


Here's what happens in the film:

Dual Synopsis

The film begins with a duel to death between two men, a clone and the original man. As one of them emerges victorious, we see that the clone has managed to win and will now take over as the original man. We then cut to Sarah, a woman who has been living a lackluster and frustrating life, drowning in food and alcohol. Her relationship with her mother is not on good terms and the one with her long-distance boyfriend, Peter is also falling apart. One day she wakes up to find that she was sleeping in a pool of blood that she had thrown up overnight. When she goes to meet with her doctor, they tell her that she is terminally ill with a 98 percent chance of death. The 2 percent is said to be a marginal error. 

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In this future world, a person has the ability to clone themselves and have their clones take their place in the situation of their untimely death. After seeing the positive results of previous clones and how they benefitted families dealing with departed loved ones, she decides to clone herself as well. She decides to go through with the process and learns that it is a very expensive one. But the burden to repay would be on the clone after the real person passed away. Once the clone, Sarah's Double, arrives, she teaches her the way she lived life. But the two get off on the wrong foot.

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Dual Duel

The clone despises her original and Sarah envies the clone. Sarah's Double gets acquainted with the people in Sarah's life. Sarah had to watch how her mother and boyfriend both seemed to prefer her clone over her. Sarah's Double can't wait for Sarah to be gone so she can start to live her life. But then there is a reverse in fate. Sarah gets a call from her doctor that her disease had somehow gone into remission and she would actually manage to survive. Now she would have to deal with her clone who had already taken over her life. She also learns that her double had been in contact with her mom and boyfriend much before she would have liked. 

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So Sarah tries to get her clone "decommissioned" but her mother and Peter are against this. She then realizes that she had already been replaced by the important people in her life. This makes Sarah angry and she wants to take back what should have belonged to her rightfully. That's when her lawyer tells her that to do this she would have to take her clone on in a Duel and be the last one standing.

Dual Ending Explained

Sarah would get a year to battle her double. So she hires Trent, an instructor who gets her battle-ready. Sarah trains to keep her body in shape and acquires all the skills needed to take on her clone. One day during training she notices her clone watching her from a distance. She chases her into a kid's park where the two have a heart to heart. Sarah's Double confides in her and says that her mom and boyfriend were getting on her nerves. She suggests going to a support group for Duel survivors where they learn how survivors were almost never happy. They decide to run away instead of going through with the duel.

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The two decide to hike through the forest to escape, Sarah's Double insists they stay hydrated and they set off. Midway, Sarah feels something is off and realizes she has been poisoned. Sarah's Double then goes to the duel as the original Sarah, lying that the clone has fled. An investigation follows that allows Sarah's Double to take over Sarah's life. But it is not what Sarah's Double had imagined. She soon starts to feel depressed and unfulfilled just like her original. She goes on to live the same life that Sarah used to. Nothing had changed.

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