'Citrus' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Citrus' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The popular Yuri series adaptation has plenty of source material available for season 2.

This article was recently reviewed and is up to date as of September 10, 2020.

Two years have passed since the love story of Mei and Yuzu was adapted into an anime series.

Just like other animes, Citrus was first a manga series before it was adapted for an onscreen experience.

The highly acclaimed Yuri series began serialization back in 2012 and was finally adapted into an anime on January-2018.

There's plenty of material left for a follow-up season, but it's been two years, and nothing has happened. Is Citrus season 2 still happening? Let's find out.


Will Citrus Have Season 2?

Sad news for Citrus fans, Studio Passione has not renewed Citrus for Season 2 yet.

Despite having a huge fan base for the Yuri series, the anime adaptation received low ratings and a couple of not so favorable critical reviews on IMDB and MyanimeList.

Hence, this may discourage the studio from coming up with a follow-up season.

Studio Passione is also notable in making only one season anime titles, so it wouldn't be surprising if they decide to follow the same path for Citrus.

Albeit, fans shouldn't lose hope yet. There's always a chance for the studio to change their minds if they receive enough demand from fans.

Other studios can also pick up Citrus should Studio Passione decide they don't want to continue creating more seasons for the adaptation anymore.

There's always a possibility as long as there is enough demand from fans.


What Are The Available Source Materials For Season 2?

Season 1 ended with the fourth volume of the original manga series, so there is a possibility that season two will pick up from there.

The original manga series has ten volumes in total, leaving us with six more volumes to explore. Citrus original manga series concluded in October 2018, but another possible source material has been created for the beloved Japanese Yuri.

Mangaka Saburouta has created a spin-off manga series Citrus Plus which released in November 2019. Citrus Plus was a huge hit! With plenty of source materials available, fans remain hopeful that the anime adaptation will have season 2 in the future.

However, anime fans should bear in mind that adaptations are often created to drive traffic and sales to their source material. While it can be a useful tool in getting more sales for the manga/light novel series, producing anime adaptations can be extremely costly.

Hence, studious often take many calculated risks before finally deciding to release another anime season.

But then again, huge demand from fans is always a good motivation to take that risk. Just take a look at One-Punch Man and Full Metal Panic.


What Is The Plot Of Citrus Season 2?

Citrus contains a fascinating but slightly controversial storyline. It follows the story of two girls Yuzu and Mei, who met and fell in love in an all-girls school. They first met as strangers but later find out that they are step-sisters.

Yuzu and Mei's love story are also filled with love triangles and other romantic distractions.

In fact, towards the end of season one, Mei finally dared to tell Yuzu about her true feelings. Yuzu was unable to respond sincerely, and their relationship became awkward.

If Citrus ever gets renewed for season 2, we're expecting to see Mei and Yuzu's more awkward encounters as they try to figure out their feelings and sexuality.

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