Cinderella Remake: Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Cinderella Remake: Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

As we revisit Cinderella once more and relive this retelling of the classic tale, we'll quickly realize how much things have changed from the old days to now

The Brothers Grimm have seen their share of Hollywood treatments, and Sony's remake of Cinderella is simply the latest in a long line of tales getting the revamp treatment. The Grimm telling of Cinderella was itself a remake. The original fairy tale can be traced all the way down to the Greek geographer Strabo, who told a similar story of a girl sometime between 7 BC and 23 AD. For an account with this much history behind it, it's interesting to see what the modern tellings have done with it.

Cinderella's Film Catalog


Leaving aside the adaptations that took the original version and changed it significantly to make it unrecognizable, there have been no less than eleven variants of the film. The first one was the animated version created by Disney Studios with the latest addition to the long line of cinema adaptations being the comedic take, "The New Adventures of Cinderella," released in 2017 by Lionel Steketee. The long-range of films that have preceded speaks about the tale's ability to withstand the tests of time and changes in culture. No matter how much the world around us changes, there will always be a place in popular culture for a Cinderella story.

What's The Plot of Cinderella?

Fairy Godperson

At current, we can only assume that the plot holds with the original story. In a tale as old as time, we met poor, abused Cinderella dreaming about a better life where her wicked stepmother and stepsisters aren't involved. Thanks to some timely magic by a fairy godmother, Cinderella can attend a ball thrown by the prince of the land. The prince seems to be looking for a wife, and the party is the best place to find a woman who he's attracted to. He notices Cinderella, transformed by the power of her fairy godmother, and they spend the night in each other's arms. Alas, the magic only holds till midnight, and Cinderella must dash off before everything is undone, leaving behind a lone glass slipper. The prince searches high and low and eventually finds his fabled belle, and they live happily ever after. Whether the plot of the movie follows the same beat, only time will tell us.

Who's the Cast of Cinderella

Camila Cabello as Cinderella

Camila Cabello's debut will be in the titular role of Cinderella, and there are rumors that she will contribute to the music of the film as well. Cinderella's evil stepmother will be played by Idina Menzel, the voice of Elsa. Nicholas Galitzine (Chambers) is pipped to play Prince Robert, and Pierce Brosnan (Goldeneye, Mamma Mia) will play the King. Billy Porter (Pose) was announced to fill the fairy godmother role, making all of us who know his work eager to see what he'll do with it.

When is Cinderella Coming Out?

Slated for release on February 5th, 2021, there are concerns as to whether it will be done on time. The recent coronavirus scare has already disrupted the filming schedule. Whether it impacts the final release date or not depends on what extent filming has been affected. So far, no updates on a changed release date have happened, so it seems like it's on schedule.

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