'Christmas Flow' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Will we see more of Marcus and Lila's complicated love story?

'Christmas Flow' Season 2

‘Christmas Flow', originally titled ‘Arranjo de Natal' is Netflix's first French Christmas romantic comedy series created by Henri Debeurme, Victor Rodenbach, and Marianne Levy. The series follows the story of a famous rapper (Marcus) and a dedicated journalist (Lila) who fall in love with each other. However, every time their paths cross, things only get complicated. Can they make it work despite their differences? 'Christmas Flow' is one of the most awaited shows on Netflix. Viewers are very excited about the second season of the show. Is it coming? Here is what you need to know about 'Christmas Flow' Season 2.

'Christmas Flow' Season 2

When Will 'Christmas Flow' Season 2 Release?

The first season of 'Christmas Flow' premiered on November 17, 2021, on Netflix. The series consists of three episodes with a viewing time of 45-55 minutes each. Netflix has yet to make any official announcement regarding the renewal of 'Christmas Flow' for season 2. Therefore, we cannot speculate on the season 2 release date. However, if the series meets the streamer's satisfaction, we expect ‘Christmas Flow’ season 2 to release in the Christmas season of 2023. Don't lose hope.

'Christmas Flow' Season 2

What Is The Plot Of 'Christmas Flow' Season 2?

Marcus and Lila first meet at a department store. Their first meeting did not go well for Lila. As their paths cross again and again. They begin to like each other, but it gets complicated because of their differences. In the final episode, the two meet again a year later. A spark reignites between the two. Although Mel does everything to keep them apart, Marcus also does everything to prove that Lila has his heart. If season 2 happens soon, we will expect to see where Marcus and Lila's relationship goes.

'Christmas Flow' Season 2

Who Is Cast In 'Christmas Flow' Season 2?

We expect the previous cast members will reprise their roles in the second season.

They are:

Shirine Boutella as Lila

Tayc as Marcus

Camille Lou as Mel

Aloïse Sauvage as Jeanne

MarionSéclin as Alice

Estelle Meyer as Safia

Walid Ben Mabrouk as Zak

Sadek and Agnès Boulard might feature as Verno and Brune, respectively. It is also possible that we will see new faces of actors in season 2 if the creators choose to make a whole new storyline for the second season. But, that might happen if the show will renew for season 2.

'Christmas Flow' Season 2

Is There An Official Trailer For 'Christmas Flow' Season 2?

The official trailer is not out yet. We are still waiting for the show renewal. No worries. We will let you know when the official teaser or trailer for 'Christmas Flow' Season 2 is available. For now, we will leave you season 1's trailer instead. Check out below.