Christians Boycott The New Barbie Movie, Calling It Demonic

Barbie's new movie sparks controversy with feminist and LGBTQ themes. Conservatives call for boycotts, while creators emphasize humanity in characters.

Barbie Movie

Barbie, the iconic doll loved by millions of children worldwide, has been the center of attention lately due to the release of a new movie that has stirred up quite the commotion. Greta Gerwig, the talented filmmaker, brought Barbie to life on the big screen in a bubbly, pink, and fun-filled adventure. But beneath the colorful exterior, the movie carries a powerful message of women empowerment, leading some conservative circles to label it as "problematic."

The film's themes, centered around feminism and LGBTQIA+ representation, have sparked heated debates, with calls for boycotts echoing across social media platforms. Some critics argue that the movie promotes a transgender and LGBTQ agenda while portraying men as weak, thus undermining traditional family values.

One Twitter user posted a plea for conservatives to boycott the film, urging them to watch an alternative movie instead. This user believes that Barbie's movie threatens the fabric of family values, branding it as a vessel for promoting transgender and LGBTQ ideas.


Moreover, the film has caught the attention of religious leaders, with Ivan Tuttle, founder of Ivan Tuttle Ministries International, voicing strong concerns about its content. He took to Facebook to warn parents about what he sees as "demonic influences" within the movie, cautioning that millions of demons will be unleashed on children who watch it.

Christian preacher Kent Christmas also joined the ranks of critics, condemning the movie for its supposed focus on transsexual, transgender, and homosexual themes. He even called upon God to pass judgment on the film, questioning its place in the world.

Ivan Tuttle
Ivan Tuttle

While Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, who plays Barbie in the film, have not directly addressed the backlash, they did discuss the movie's themes in an interview with ABC before its release. Gerwig revealed that the film carries feminist undertones but also emphasizes the humanity of the characters, including Barbie and Ken. At the beginning of the film, Ken is depicted as a person with no status, but as the story unfolds, he emerges as a strong character, not just a mere accessory to Barbie.

The movie's creators aim to give humanity and depth to these iconic dolls, sparking conversations about gender roles and representation in the media. As the controversy swirls, Barbie's new movie is undoubtedly making waves and provoking discussions on a broad range of topics.

In conclusion, the release of the new Barbie movie has ignited passionate reactions from various groups, with debates over its themes of feminism and LGBTQIA+ representation. While some conservatives call for boycotts, others see the film as a step forward in promoting inclusivity and breaking gender stereotypes. As the world grapples with differing opinions, one thing is certain - Barbie's latest adventure is leaving a lasting impact on our cultural dialogue.