Chris Evans Shares His Reaction After Watching Avengers: Endgame

Chris Evans Shares His Reaction After Watching Avengers: Endgame

Chris Evans' reaction after seeing only the first hour of Avengers: Endgame caught everyone off guard.

Avengers: Endgame is less than a month away from hitting the big screen and Disney is being very secretive. They have yet to reveal anything really about the plot. The trailers don't even say much. But what we know for sure is that it's going to be a cry- fest at the theaters.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Evans shared that he saw the first hour of the 3 hour long film and his reaction caught many fans off guard. He was asked by the interviewer to explain what happens at the end of the film and he said:

I wish I could. Uh, it’s — I mean — it’s a good one. It’s a real good one. I saw, like, the first hour of it. Man. This one’s really good. I choked up like three times

The big man himself couldn't even stop himself from crying after only watching one hour of the film. To think that even after taking part in the filming and reading the script that he'd be immune to the emotions of the film but clearly not.

Chris Evan's isn't the only Avenger to reveal their reaction to seeing part of the film. Scarlett Johansson said in a recent interview with Empire that she saw some of the film and that it was "a poetic and beautiful Valentine to a decade of madness.” 

Be sure to bring a box of tissues when you go to the theaters on April 26th 2019.

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